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I find a lot of nice articles and its difficult to blog/comment about every other article. Sharing these links directly makes more sense and the best way to do is to deliver it as part of your RSS feed.

Feedburner is a widely used feed publishing service and even the feeds of Online Diary are delivered via Feedburner. The service has a link splicing feature via which you can share your collected links as a part of your RSS feed.

FeedBurner supports the following Link Services: Digg,, Furl, Bloglines, My Web 2.0 and Magnolia

As of now is my favorite bookmarking service and you can find my shared bookmarks here:

You might already have observed these links in the RSS feed and I guess Feedburner has delivered the links for past 10 days by default. However from now on you should be getting only 1 feed from per day.

I guess for few readers this feature might be annoying since they would be seeing the same links again and again in various other feeds 🙂 I would definitely like to know your views on this !

Also do share your links if you have one 🙂

This post by Amit some time back had made me think on partial feeds :). And after lot of thinking I have decided to switch from partial to full RSS feeds and I am sure many of the readers will be happy with this switch 😀

And if you are searching for a good RSS Reader,this post might help you a little bit.