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Paul Stamatiou has written a nice series on building a web app using MySQL and PHP.

How To: Code your First Web App

I always wanted to try my hands on PHP and these articles are pretty good to get started on PHP and MySQL.

Also don’t forget that there is a nice IDE for PHP which is being built on the Eclipse Platform 🙂

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  • [tourist].Tam May 17, 2007 Link


    i am looking to use eclipse to code my next web site in php. But:
    1. I am afraid to mess up my current eclipse installation.
    2. I am not willing to make yet another installation folder.


  • Venu May 17, 2007 Link

    Hi Tam,
    Please check my other post on installing eclipse plugins without corrupting the existing installation.

  • [tourist].Tam May 18, 2007 Link

    Thanks for all the explainations. It is exactely what I was looking for. ^_^