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Windows XP has the ability to use “Visual Styles” to change the user interface. However, visual styles must be cryptographically signed by Microsoft to run. Many people are stuck with the default Luna theme that ships with Windows XP. Energy Blue was another theme officially approved by Microsoft and was a welcome change.

The only way to install unsigned themes is to patch the uxtheme.dll. If you are using Windows XP SP2, you can patch up the dll using an easy installer from Studio 7. Do read the instructions carefully while installing the patch.

Windows prompts you to undo the changes done by the patcher which should be discarded. Once you are restart your system you are ready to try out new themes.

Try out these themes:

A quick Google search will lead you to more such themes 🙂

On the downside its not recommended to install unsigned themes since they can have a major effect on the performance. Windows analyzes the performance impact of visual effects and uses this to determine whether to enable them, so as to prevent the new functionality from consuming excessive additional processing overhead.

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  • Muhammad Apr 7, 2007 Link

    Guys, My one friend installed the FlyakiteOSX skin onto my windows xp computer.This was not a good decision to install it as it S L O W E D the pc down ,the start up processing and shutting down were S L O W E D.However this might have been the wrong doing of my spyware virus on my computer.But I did in fact have the spyware virus on my pc BEFORE installing theFlyakiteOSX .

    Guys I would not recomend FlyakiteOSX skin on your computer as it might slow it down


    Muhammad Vorajee (13) of Jo’Burg ,South Africa

  • Venu Apr 7, 2007 Link

    Hi Muhammed
    I second your opinion on Flyakite slowing down the PC. Even Flyakite also mentions in its documentation that the PC might slow down or take more resources after its installed. However you have to install it to see it.

    I had issues while connecting to my desktop using remote connection;it was very slow.

    iTunes stopped working after installing Flyakite and I am still trying to fix it !!

  • Muhammad Vorajee Apr 12, 2007 Link

    Hello Again!

    Its Me again Muhammad Vorajee! Of Jozi In da Southern Hemisphere in da land of da 2010 Fifa world cup,South Africa.I wanna give a big up to “Venu” who replied to a comment i left .After doing a Google search on “Muhammad Vorajee” .At the very top of the results were the words ‘Muhammad Vorajee (13) of Jo’Burg ,South Africa’ blah blah blah So on and then I saw someone say I second ur opinion and now I was like yeah smeone actually replied to my comment
    Thanx man
    Thanks to whoever “Venu” is
    plz reply Muhammad Vorajee

  • Spyware Jun 11, 2007 Link

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  • ayman anwar Dec 20, 2007 Link

    each time i i go to cotrol panal and i click on it it shows uxtheme.dll is not a valid widows image so pls help me to fix that as i am in need do do my work thank u so much for ur help