Manage WordPress Categories

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Batch Categories is a nice little plugin which will help you in organizing your WordPress blog categories.

Managing categories is a painful task in WordPress. The problem arises when you realize that you are writing more posts related to a topic and you decide to put all these posts under one category.

The only way to accomplish this (till now) was to to search for these posts, open each post in the admin console and add them under the new category. Batch Categories plugin helps you to do the same thing in a flash, literally 🙂

The plugin adds a new “Manage Categories” link in the WordPress administration console. On a first glance, the console does look a little confusing. There is no description for the buttons(Filter/Tag posts) used in the form.

Filter is used to search/filter the posts. Tag/Remove posts is used to assign/remove categories to the filtered posts.

It would have been nice to see a “Add/Delete Category” option in this page. Probably the plugin author can consider this for the next version 🙂

[Via QuickOnineTips]