Searching in Digg


Digg is one of the best sites to look for quality content and hence is one of the places I “search” (other than Google) when I need to find quality links for a particular keyword.

However more often than not, when I search in Digg, I end up with this screen !

First of all it beats me as to why the traffic on should matter in returning the search results ! Or is the message trying to convey that the traffic on the search domain( is high !

I am sure that you can map a subdomain( on to a different server. However the server under high traffic might be the Digg “database” which raises one important question !

Is the Digg “database” not optimized for search ?

Probably Kevin should answer this 🙂

I am not sure of how many people use the Search feature, but I would definitely like to see Digg handle search operations more efficiently ! Or probably Digg should start a separate search engine similar to Wikiseek !

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