2Mbps from Airtel


BSNL recently introduced 2Mbps broadband bandwidth and I believe many BSNL users are getting constant/min 700Kbps bandwidth.

Airtel will probably soon be offering 2Mbps bandwith from next month i.e. Feb 2007. This news is based on the feedback I got from few of my friends who got this confirmation from the Airtel Customer Service !

Anbody else got this confirmation from Airtel ? Unlike BSNL, I hope they open up this bandwidth for users on unlimited plan as well !

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  • Akshay Jan 31, 2007 Link

    Dude, Today is 31st January 2007. I am on Airtel, I don’t think they are going to do anything at the stroke of Mid-Night. I just called up customer care, the guy started stammering & stuttering :-)) when I mentioned 2mbps. Hoping for some miracle…

  • Venu Jan 31, 2007 Link

    Haha.. hope for the best ! And as they say “hope is a good thing”. I hope airtel won’t let us down and I also hope the miracle should be airtel giving 2Mbps for unlimited plan as well !

  • Akshay Feb 1, 2007 Link

    1st Feb 2007. Still at 256kbps. Airtel should come up with an interem offer till they can offer 2mbps ( if ever), like slashing their rentals by half, Or at least doubling the download limit.

  • Kannan Feb 5, 2007 Link

    Hi, I am from chennai. today morning i got a call from Airtel people and saying that they are working with marketting team regarding 2mbps plans. I asked inorder to provide 2Mbps they should be ADSL2+. But still airtel network is in G.Dmt/G.Lite, so when you are going to upgrade?. They don’t have answer for this question. So my assumption was 2Mbps from Airtel is far away.

    -Kannan M

  • Kannan Feb 5, 2007 Link

    Here is the reply from Airtel.

    Dear Mr. Kannan,

    Thank you for writing to Airtel Broadband and Telephone Services.

    We would like to inform you that we don’t offer any 2Mps plan. The current available plan details has been attached with this mail for further reference.

    It is our privilege to have you as our valued customer & would like to thank you for your continued patronage. We look forward to a long and fruitful association with you.

    Should you require any further assistance, please mail us back. We will be glad to assist you.

    Yours sincerely,

    Customer Care

  • venukb Feb 5, 2007 Link

    Kannan, thanks for the update.

    By the way I did check on G.Dmt. It does allow upto 8Mbps. So no issues on that front I believe 🙂

  • Kannan Feb 5, 2007 Link

    Thanks for the update. Sorry for the wrong information.

    -Kannan M

  • Akshay Feb 9, 2007 Link

    Continued patronage! Yeah right. I am giving them just enough time till BSNL has some modems to install in my place. After that it is Bye Bye Airtel. What has me really willing to jump to BSNL is the 2am-8am unlimited downloads on the Rs.500 plan. I can leave my comp on overnight once in a while & my download manager/accelerator will do the rest.

  • jinishans Mar 16, 2007 Link

    i’m also from chennai. AirTel regular Unlimited itself is not working properly !

    Did anyone from chennai got AirTel 2mbps..? Share your speeds pl.

  • janet Apr 12, 2007 Link

    Dear Sir

    Iwant to know the status of Airtel serial nos.
    Thanks & Regds
    Janet Prasad
    Oxigen india prepaid services
    customer care

  • Venu Apr 12, 2007 Link

    Hi Janet,
    I am in no way connected to Airtel, I am just a customer of Airtel services and not a employee. Suggest you to get in touch with the Airtel Customer Service.

  • shweta Jun 5, 2007 Link

    pl let me know any dealers in Nagpur for getting the airtel broadband connection.

  • Parthasarathy Jul 29, 2007 Link

    hai friends,
    I bought the Airtel prepaid internet today. I want to know the process and steps to follow to connect internet. by the way I’m using Nokia basic maodel… can anyone gimme a step by step plzz

    looking for ur kind reply
    mail id- rbhsarathy@rediffmail.com

  • sudhi Aug 3, 2007 Link


    iam staying in hoskote which is just 25kms away from bangalore,in my place their is no broadband connection.if your company make some plans to reach my place then it will too much benefitial for yourself & also for mine.

    there too many customers waiting for the broadband service


  • Venu Aug 3, 2007 Link

    Sudhi, For some odd reason, I am considered as affiliated to Airtel by many guys.

    I am just a user of Airtel services like you; you should get it touch with the Airtel Customer Service.

  • Yogini Kalambhe Oct 27, 2007 Link

    Please tell me the customer care address nearest to medical area because my residential is near to medical and I have to submit my douctment to customer care as per govt. rule

  • Sindhu Feb 22, 2008 Link

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