Upgraded to WordPress 2.1


Two days back I upgraded to WordPress 2.1 and as mentioned in my earlier post, there are lot of new features added to 2.1 release. I saw many blogger’s mentioning the “AutoSave” feature as the highlight of the release.

As far as I know “AutoSave” would be the least useful feature for regular blogger’s since many of them would use a desktop based weblog client. The most important feature that I was looking forward to was the “Efficient Database code” which was supposed to improve the page load speed of the site using WordPress.

Sites hosting WordPress rarely survive the Digg Effect and this was blamed on the inefficient database code of WordPress. However after upgrading to WordPress 2.1 I am not observing any improvement in page loads !

Anybody noticed any speed difference in WordPress 2.1 or is my hosting really that bad ?

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  • Lorelle Jan 27, 2007 Link

    It loaded fine and fast for me. If you worry about cache and related issues, consider adding the WP-Cache WordPress Plugin. Many are reporting faster responses and access.

    And don’t assume the autosave feature is only for those who write online. And don’t assume all regular bloggers use offsite or other tools for writing their material. I complained about this bitterly when repeatedly I lost what I was working on, written up elsewhere but doing last minute edit checks before posting via the WordPress Write Post panel. A slip of the backspace key sends the browser window back a page, losing what you’ve done. Thinking everything is fine and hitting Publish, only to have the system crash, Internet access go offline, or other problems can also lose post data. It only takes a second and your post is history.

    So the autosave feature isn’t limited to online writers. It helps everyone, just in case things go bork in the post. 😉

  • Venu Jan 27, 2007 Link

    Hi Lorelle,
    Thanks for the feedback.

    I do use the WP-cache plugin and it does help a little bit.

    The UI enhancements have been great, however the change in database code is not backed up by performance data.

    It would be interesting to know where exactly the performance tweaks have been done.

    Regarding Autosave, I do accept that I generalized it a little bit, the absence of this feature was one of the reasons I shifted to a desktop based client 🙂