FlyakiteOSX – Get a Mac Look and feel on XP

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Some time back I patched the Windows Uxtheme.dll and installed a nice looking theme called BlackMesa.

I got bored with that theme and decided to install a Mac theme. A search for the same lead me to a software called FlyakiteOSX.

FlyakiteOSX is not just a theme, its a complete transformation pack (30 MB download) which converts your XP desktop environment into a complete Mac Simulation. (I have not worked on a OSX, so I cannot comment as to what level of simulation has been done)

The transformation pack:

  1. Patches the Uxtheme.dll so that the Tiger theme can be installed and used. Also skins for some app’s such as WinRar,MSN Messenger are also installed.
  2. Replaces the icons of the control panel widgets and many others such as My Computer/Recycle Bin etc
  3. Changes the color of the folders using a app called as iColorFolder
  4. Installs few other app’s such as Y’z Shadow,WinRoll and UberIcon. These app’s can be used for transparency setting and other UI enhancements
  5. Modifies the startup screen;also sets the OSX sounds and cursors.

The guide has all the details on the features of FlyakiteOSX. So if you were not encouraged by the above feature description, probably you should have a look at some of the screenshots 🙂

Start Menu

Turn Off Computer

Picture and Music Folder








Object Dock

You can find few more photos in my Flickr album.

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  • hari Feb 22, 2007 Link

    its nice

  • venukb Feb 22, 2007 Link

    Are you referring to the theme or the post 🙂 I believe you were referring to both 🙂

  • hiranya Mar 13, 2009 Link

    hi !!! nice software

  • Dheeraj Aug 16, 2009 Link

    I liked it very much, It is wonderful , specially at start up….

  • ashwin Mar 5, 2011 Link

    hey i am not able to get that title bar look the close minimize on the left like the mac how do i get it