Technorati is so easily spammed

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Technorati , the Internet search engine focused on the world of weblogs has probably one of the worst spam filters.

BSNL, one of the popular Internet Service Provider in India, recently introduced 2Mbps bandwidth across all plans.

I wanted to check the experience of the customers/bloggers using BSNL.

A Technorati search for the same ( produced these results.

All the posts had the same title and the same summarized content. And it was not just these 5 results, there were at least 3 search result pages (apprx. 30 Links) with the same title, and each one of them was pointing to a different web site.

Now why is anybody going to use Technorati if spam is not taken care of ? I used to like Technorati in comparison to Google Blog search, as I was finding much better/latest content of the blogosphere !

However these days its being spammed easily and I am not sure if Technorati is serious about controlling spam!

Probably they should consult Matt Cutts; Google’s Spam Fighter 🙂

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  • Otis Gospodnetic Feb 2, 2007 Link

    Spam fight is an endless fight for Technorati, Google, and everyone else.
    Have you tried multiple searches with different types of terms? You really should do that before making strong claims. 🙂 I bet you could find similar spam on Google Blogsearch or anywhere else, you just have to find the right term to search for.

  • Venu Feb 2, 2007 Link

    Hi Otis,
    I am not commenting based just on one experience. I have had similar experiences for many searches on technorati.

    On google blog search I have seen less spam, however the content is pretty old when compared to technorati search results.

    To summarize, technorati has better search result, only that it is generally hiding between the spam posts and technorati will become much better if they resolve this.