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Akismet, one of the best anti-spam webservices has helped lot of websites in identifying and blocking spam comments and trackbacks.

However the Admin page of the Akismet plugin in WordPress has always been annoying.

Prior to version 2.0, all the comments caught by Akismet Webservice were shown in a single page.

In version 2.0 the comments are displayed in multiple pages, however the admin page is still annoying.

When I logged into the WordPress Admin Console (after 3 days) I saw that Akismet had done a good job by marking about 912 comments as spam ! Also the comments were displayed over 19 pages.

Now to the problems in this admin page:

  1. There is only a “Delete all” option available on the page. Going by the quality of the service, I could blindly delete all the comments, but many a times I have seen some genuine comments being marked as spam by the service.
    What I would like to see is a “Select All” option which will allow you to select all the comments in the active page and a “Delete” option to delete those comments.
    As of now Akismet expects you to go over all the 912 comments in one shot and delete/moderate them. What a pain 🙁
  2. Akismet admin page also has a “Search” feature. Now can anybody tell me what I can search in a page filled with spam comments ? Is there a way to find genuine comments using this feature ?

This is one of the testimonials about the service on the Akismet home page

Before Akismet I was spending more time deleting spam than creating content. Now I can focus on actually blogging! – Sarah King

It turns out that even after using Akismet I am spending more time moderating the comments ! Anybody having a similar experience ?

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  • Sarah King Mar 23, 2007 Link


    That’s my testimonial you quote. I use Akismet on a number of blogs but as mine ranked better it was getting more spam and the spam WAS getting past Akismet. I loaded up Bad Behaviour as well and between the two of them very little gets past these days. Maybe one or two a week, and then they’re generally so clever that I’m happy to have them as false negatives. Usually they’re humans trying blog spam tools like BlogCommenter – it seems to like me 🙁