Airtel offering 2Mbps

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Airtel broadband service, one of the 3 SBU (Strategic Bussiness Unit) of Bharti Enterprises has now started offering 2Mbps bandwidth plans.

The official site is still not updated with the latest tariff plans. The service is available only in select areas (as told by the customer service).

Sushubh has more info about the new packages.

Special Double Speed Offer

My 256kbps unlimited plan seems to have been automatically upgraded to 512kbps !!

2Mbps Packages

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  • Ramesh Mar 6, 2007 Link

    good info dude!!
    keep posting this kind of info!!

  • umesh nayak Jun 4, 2007 Link

    Please send me the details traffic plan of Airtel data card for broad band internet connectvity.

  • Venu Jun 4, 2007 Link

    Umesh, please check the Airtel website for more details on the tariff plans

    Also you can call up customer care and enquire about the different tariff plans.

  • sanjay khanande Dec 27, 2007 Link

    required for purchase bandwidth for our call centre, kindly give me the details and quotations