Web Host Switch


I started my web log with Blogger and later on moved to WordPress.com. The restrictions/limited features on WordPress.com made me switch to WordPress.org which at that time required a user to buy his own web hosting and a domain name.

This gave birth to venukb.com/blog and on mid April I will be celebrating the first anniversary of this web log 🙂 GoDaddy $1.99 Domain Names

I did write a nice little post on my web site setup experience:
How to setup your own web site !

The site is currently hosted by GoDaddy and for my economy paid/Linux based hosting I got

  • 5 GB Space
  • 250 GB Transfer
  • 500 Email Accounts
  • 10 MySQL Databases
  • 50 Email Forwards
  • Forums, Blogging, Photo Galleries
  • No ads

Price: 3$/month i.e. 36$/Year.

However access to my web log is very slow and many uses/readers have repeatedly told me about this !

  • One of the reasons is the CMS that is used to host the blog: WordPress. Thought the latest version (2.x) has made lot of improvements in terms of database access, MySQL driven WordPress is still slow
  • The second reason is the hosting itself, I am not at all happy with the service provided by GoDaddy !
  • The blog which initially had 20-30 unique visitors now has at least 900-1000 unique visitors !

I have decided to switch from GoDaddy but I am not able to decide on good/better hosting service provider. I am willing to spend a little bit more on my hosting, but there are like “tons” of hosting providers and the decision making is really getting difficult !

Can anybody suggest me a good hosting provider ? Request you to share your hosting experience as well !

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  • Anay Kamat Aug 20, 2007 Link

    I’m using wordpress too and don’t find it that slow. I’m pretty comfortable with it. Just like you, even I had started my blog with blogger and now I’m enjoying my wordpress experience.

    You should be really careful while selecting your host.

  • Andrew232 Oct 6, 2007 Link

    Very interesting blog, keep it up. You can visit mine at http://cheapwebhostingpackages.blogspot.com

  • robert Nov 29, 2007 Link

    I don’t have internet access at home yet, and use public computers frequently. I am very curious as to why my webmail with Godaddy always tries to install a component when a compose window is opened. It is a progrmam from Starfield Technologies.

    I am very wary of installing what might be a piece of spyware, even if from a “legitimate” company.

    Any ideas??

    Also, when you come with a good hosting company with registrar services and reasonably-priced webmail, please let all of us know.