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I’m in Boston and will be here for another two weeks. Some of the highlights of my 19 hour journey from Bangalore to Boston

  • The Lufthansa plane was at 3AM due to which I spent only 10 min in the cab from my home to the airport which otherwise would normally take 40 minutes.
  • The check-in queue for the Lufthansa flight reminded me of the queue at BTS Bus stand !
  • The plane took off at 3 and landed on time; no wonder Lufthansa is known as an”efficient plane”
  • The economy class seats in the Lufthansa flight was very congested and it looked like they converted the normal 2 seater to a 3 seater !
  • On my flight from Frankfurt to Boston, I happened to sit next to guy whom I thought should have bought 2 tickets !!
  • I slept for most of the 19 hour journey; probably one of the reasons I am not experiencing the so called “jet lag”
  • Boston experienced the highest temperature on the day I landed. I was literally sweating in the hotel room. Today it rained the whole day and for the coming 2 days there is a snow fall prediction !
  • As soon as I landed, I plugged in my laptop and was amazed to see a 6Mbps connection at work. At my workplace it gets much better (10mbps) and my ever so slow site does open up very fast over here 🙂

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  • Vasuki Mar 16, 2007 Link

    The economy class seats in planes are generally very small, with very little leg space (even for a person of my height ;)) And if you happen to be in the middle seat, you got to share both of your arm rests! The biggest difficulty is in having food in that confined space!!

  • Venu Mar 16, 2007 Link

    Good that I booked aisle seats on both the flights, but on one of the flights , the guy who sat next to me should definitely had bought 2 tickets 🙁