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The other day when I connected my iPod to the PC, iTunes prompted me to upgrade the firmware. I had never done a firmware upgrade before and was not sure whether the process would affect the data or not.

To be on the safer side I wanted to backup the music and the podcasts I had on the device. However there is no straightforward way to copy songs from iPod to PC.

These are some of the tools I found to accomplish the above task

  1. Copypod – Its a vista ready app that allows you to backup music including the playlists and the rating. However Copypod comes at a price and one could use the 14day trial for a one time backup
  2. Ephpod Eef-Pod is a freeware program for Microsoft Windows and Linux and seemed to have a lot of interesting features including backing up the calendar and contacts. Engadget has a good review of this application
    However when I started Ephpod it gave a “Out of memory” error !
  3. iPodCopy – This app also is similar to Copypod and is not a freeware. I didn’t try it out but looks like a decent app;not sure its worth paying 20$
  4. iDump – iDump is another handy tool and its a very small installable. The other good thing about this software is that you could just drop the iDump.exe onto the root folder of iPod and run it from within iPod. However it doesn’t allow you to backup videos/podcasts.

Let me know if there are any other applications similar to iDump or Ephpod ( Yup I am looking for only freeware’s 🙂 )

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