Landing page for the blog

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A landing page is the first page seen by a visitor visiting a site. (Generally from a search engine)

Seth Godin hailed as the ultimate entrepreneur of Information Age has a very interesting say on Landing pages.

Taking a cue from that article I integrated the “Landing Site” plugin for WordPress.

The plugin does the following tasks:

  1. Retrieves the HTTP referrer from the referral URL
  2. If its a valid reference (search engine); retrieves the keyword used in the search
  3. Retrieves the posts related to this keyword and lists the same.

Example screenshot for a search done via Google for Keyword “Airtel Data Card

Is it really helpful ?

I am not in a state to deliver that verdict as of now. But I have seen the landing page in many sites and it does help in finding useful content. Sometimes you actually stumble upon the right content via the landing pages !

So if you haven’t still integrated this feature its high time you did 🙂

Download Landing Site plugin (For WordPress only)