What’s Running – Free System Information Tool

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What’s Running is a nice little tool to help you easily find what is actually running on your computer !  The tool displays information in 5 tabs. The Process tab displays an instant view of the processes running and on selecting a process, the tool displays detailed information about the process.

The Services tab lists details about the windows services and there is an option to start/stop the service. The modules tab provides detailed information about the DLL’s loaded in the memory and the processes using the modules.

The Drivers tab view lists all drivers that are currently active. The IP connections lists all IP sockets and connections that are currently connected or open. Startup programs and System Information as the name suggests provided detailed information on windows startup programs and your PC parameters.

System Information for Windows is another alternative free tool which shows almost the same amount of information in one place.

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  • Techie Buzz May 8, 2007 Link

    Looks cool, I liked the tabbed segregation of data in this software.

    I use Process Explorer from sys internals but will definitely give this a try

  • Venu May 8, 2007 Link

    Hi Keith,
    Its a nice tool but I liked System Information for windows; a much better tool. Do check this one too.