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Doodles of a Crazy Man” is the title of the blog maintained by my highly talented friend Vasuki.

Wondering why I am writing about this blog? Not because he is my friend or that his link is on my Blogroll; its out of total appreciation to the blog’s content and his writing talent.

Of all the different blogs/RSS feeds that I read daily, this blog stands out primarily because of quality content.  

Vasu has a unique style of story telling/putting his view and if you read a couple of posts in his blog you will definitely be tempted to dig through the blogs archives.

Most of the posts are guaranteed to bring a smile on your face. Irrespective of whether it makes you smile or not, each and every post in his blog is an interesting read unlike my blog. (Yes I am envious 🙂 )

Checkout Doodles of the Crazy Man – You’ll love it

Subscribe to his RSS feed as well; Its one of those feeds where you wait for a new post to arrive.

P.S. I sometimes wonder why Desipundit doesn’t link to some of his amazing posts.  

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  • Patrix May 8, 2007 Link

    Please submit any posts on Vasuki’s blog that you think are cool to the DesiPundit tip line. I’m sure, they’ll link it and once they do the blog will be on their radar.

  • venukb May 8, 2007 Link

    Hi Patrix, I had done exactly that some time back, but I guess I had just given the link of the blog and not any post in specific. I will try again submitting a post.
    By the way its been great reading Desipundit too 🙂

  • Vasuki May 9, 2007 Link

    Venu, thanks a lot for those nice words. I am really touched. You made my day! 🙂

  • Venu May 9, 2007 Link

    You deserved the nice words, I have been wanting to recommend your site from quite some time now 🙂

  • TheAnand May 10, 2007 Link

    Nice blog……something to read about. I think I’ll keep him on my feeds, esp. since John Chow is not writing anything worth a read these days! good luck Vasuki, i have a few suggestions though, change the color to something brighter, some light colored theme….