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Windows Registry is the database which stores setting and configuration information of the installed software and hardware drivers.

Many a time registry entries are left behind after software uninstallation. Registry problems can also occurs because of incorrect removal of software, missing or corrupt hardware drivers or orphaned start-up programs.

These problems lead to a significant rise in the size of the registry and hence slows down the computer. (Windows will need more time to load, search, and read data from the Registry)

I myself test/use a lot of tools/software’s and forced to re-install Windows every 6 months 🙂

There are a lot of powerful Registry Cleaners available including Registry Mechanic; but most of them have a price attached to them.

CCleaner did a decent job cleaning up the registry. However cleaning registry is not the applications primary function.

Yesterday I stumbled on Eusing Registry` cleaner; The best part is that its free and its also powerful. Try it out.

If you are aware of any other better registry cleaners, feel free to suggest the same in the comments section.

Note: Do backup your registry before repairing/deleting the invalid entries. You can backup and restore registry from within Eusing Registry Cleaner.

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  • Jeff Ray Dec 7, 2007 Link

    Free registry scans are a great way to discover both known and unknown registry issues. I would recommend using a few different scans to see whether you are getting back different results. I personally have not purchased but have heard good things about RegCure (who happens to have a free registry scan).

  • mary Dec 16, 2007 Link

    i’ve tried this eusing and it does find errors, but when i try to fix them it just sits there and does nothing and makes me scan all over again .. this has happened 3 times 🙁

  • Verra May 27, 2009 Link

    Great post. There are some other free registry cleaner that you can use. Thank you.