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The “Start Menu” on my PC generally extends upto 3-4 columns; thanks to all the software/tools that I install/try out.

[Note: Screen width is set to 1280 pixels :)]

On the top of this, Windows XP has a totally useless Start Menu; If I have to quickly launch an application, I spend more time searching for it rather than using it !

Colibri did come to my rescue; Using Colibri I could quickly launch applications and control panel widgets.

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Launchy is another small little app which helps in quickly launching applications. Unlike Colibri, Launchy also allows you to index folders via which you can even quickly launch documents/folders.

Even in terms of system resource utilization, Launchy did a better job than Colibri.

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KeyBreeze is the new kid on the block. Using KeyBreeze you can:

  • Type keywords to open files, folders, and websites.
  • Type commands to check the weather, get memory usage, shut down your computer…
  • Search Google,, Wikipedia, eBay, and other websites by typing letter commands.
    • Examples: s:mp3s, d:plaudit, w:omega-3, etc.
  • Type functions to change the display settings of a window.
    • You can hide any window, set a window on top, make a window translucent…
  • Make your own functions that paste custom text into any text field.
  • Record macros to automate repetitive computer tasks.
  • Create notes on your desktop; set reminders

Do checkout the complete list of Keybreeze features here. The screenshots page also gives a good overview of the features.

I have been using it for the past 2 days and it does look like a eligible replacement to Launchy.

Download KeyBreeze

If you want to take your keywords/commands/macros on a USB flash drive, check this page for more details on the USB version of Keybreeze.

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  • Apurv May 31, 2007 Link

    Oh damn, I just replied to your comments on Launchy on my blog.. and now I see this!!

  • Shivaranjan May 31, 2007 Link

    This is really tempting me to try this peice of code. 🙂