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The other day I was reading about the popular Desktop search tools on a popular technology site. The 3 tools featured were

I was immediately keen to know as to how Google, Microsoft and Yahoo display their respective desktop search products on their search engines.

Search on Google

Google puts its own desktop search product ahead of Windows and Yahoo. However it should be noted that it puts in the Microsoft product ahead of Yahoo Desktop Search.

Search on Yahoo

Yahoo, similar to Google puts its own product on the top. And it also returns favor to Google by listing Google desktop search as the second popular link. MS is pushed to third (probably acquisition fears :D)

Search on MSN Live

Surprise ! Surprise ! Microsoft unlike Google or Yahoo does not put its own product as the most popular desktop search tool. Its lists Google and Yahoo products and puts itself as the 3rd most popular desktop search product.

What does this mean ? Is Live search the most unbiased search engine ?

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  • TheAnand Jun 2, 2007 Link

    wow…thats something interesting! i think you shud have a look at probloggers post at @

  • Dj Flush Jun 2, 2007 Link

    Lol really Interesting

    More Like Google is the God now a days

  • Thilak Jun 2, 2007 Link

    Pretty surprising! I was under a misconception that Microsoft was the king of such nasty things. I can still recall they intentionally screwing up pages on while browsing through Opera. Finally, they got sued for doing so.

  • John Jun 4, 2007 Link

    There is a far simpler explanation: Google Desktop is the most popular desktop search software, and Microsoft and Google have the ranking correct.

  • Venu Jun 4, 2007 Link

    John, the point was that Google and Yahoo market their products in their search engines. MSN kind of gave an unbiased result.

    Its not just restricted to Desktop search. Check for Email/Mail and you would see Yahoo and Google putting in their Yahoo Mail and GMail in the first place. But MSN doesn’t even list Hotmail in the top 10 !!!