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In recent times Videos, especially streaming videos are becoming extremely popular. There are hundreds of video sharing sites that want to become the Flickr of online video world.

Most of the videos on these sites are encoded in Flash and if someone is interested in downloading the videos, he has to start searching for a video downloading software.

Also if you want to copy this video to your iPod or to your mobile device you need to search for a video converter.

Movavi Video Converter is an easy-to-use, powerful software that lets you convert video files to different formats in no time!

User Interface

The following snapshot gives a pretty good overview of all the features in Movavi Video Converter.

You can add multiple source files into the conversion list and you could optionally de-select items from the list by un-checking the checkbox.

Other than videos, you can also add DVD’s into the source file list. (Movavi video converter can be used to rip DVD’s as well)

Once the candidate for conversion are identified, you can use the Favorites or the Devices tab to choose the output video format. The path for the converted video is set on the “Output Directory” pane.

Movavi provides support for the following output video formats:

Alternatively you can use the Devices tab to choose the target device e.g iPod, Zune, PSP, Mobile Phone.

Any user who is not aware of the technical knowledge of the video formats should use either the “Favorites” or the “Devices” option for choosing the video output format.

The “Advanced” option lets you to customize the output format. For E.g. If you want the output format as FLV (Flash), you can choose the Advanced option and select the output video quality.

Other features

  • Rip the audio from the videos (MP3/WMA)
  • Using the Gallery option you can capture images from the videos.
  • Convert only a segment of the video.
  • Join Video files.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP (installation of all recent updates is recommended)
  • Intel or AMD or compatible processors at 1 GHz minimum
  • Display graphics minimum resolution of 800x600x 32-bit color
  • RAM 128 megabytes (MB)
  • Minimum 40 MB of free hard disk space is needed for installation, minimum 300 Mb for proper operation
  • Administrative permissions are required for installation
  • Sound card

However this feature rich video converter is not free and comes at a price. You can find more details on the pricing of the tool here.

Download Movavi Video Converter

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  • Vasuki Jun 4, 2007 Link

    There is a free tool called “Any DVD converter”. It can convert from/to formats like mpeg, divx, avi, mp4 etc. Not sure if it supports flv format.
    Have you tried this?

  • Shankar Ganesh Jun 4, 2007 Link

    I just downloaded and tried this tool and I have to say the interface is lovely compared with other conventional converters. Thanks for the info.

  • Venu Jun 4, 2007 Link

    Vasu, I just checked Any DVD conveter. It can rip DVD into multiple formats. So the input format is only DVD(VOB)
    But movavi accepts input files of different types and this is where the program stands out. It can do conversion among multiple formats.

    Supported formats:
    Input Formats: AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, WMV, ASF, IFO (DVD), VOB (DVD), 3GPP, 3GPP2
    Output Formats: FLV, AVI, MPG (VCD, DVD, SVCD), MP4, WMV, MOV, RM, 3GPP, 3GPP2, WAV, MP3, WMA

    Shankar, good to know that you liked the tool. Only that the s/w comes at a price 🙁

  • Vasuki Jun 5, 2007 Link

    Venu, I use Any DVD converter to convert my divx movies to ipod compatible mp4 format and it works like a charm. If you open the “choose file” in Any DVD converter, by default it looks for only vob files, but if you choose “All files” in the dialog box and choose divx format file, you can convert it into other formats. I think you can use the same approach for converting from other formats as well.

  • Venu Jun 5, 2007 Link

    Ah I see, I actually just had a look only at the website and even the name misled me. Will download and explore further. 🙂

  • Try these. picked carefully video converter software dvd tools

  • There are so much video converter and dvd ripper software for multimedia devices I reviewed and mentioned in my blog.

  • Welcome more comments for my articles 🙂

  • DVD Video Tool Sep 9, 2011 Link

    If you open the “choose file” in Any DVD converter, by default it looks for only vob files

  • Mary Vetchinova Oct 3, 2019 Link

    Link issue


    My name is Mary and I am from Movavi. We are currently removing potentially harmful links leading to our site. Unfortunately, we have to ask you to delete all the links to posted on your site.

    We will really appreciate your help. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

    Looking forward to your answer.

    Best wishes,

    Mary Vetchinova