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Backup in the world of Information Technology refers to the process of making copies of data. This copy of the data would be useful in the event of a data loss

Virus attacks, hard disk failure or accidents are the primary reasons for data loss. Most of the PC users have one PC at max and the data is generally stored in a single hard drive.

The most common way of backing up data is to either write it to a CD/DVD or to copy on to a secondary hard drive/USB drive. If you have a hosting space you can backup data even on to this server. One of the problem that I face while backing up data is doing the  incremental backup.

Backup Platinum is a powerful tool that provides professional quality backup of your data to a local drive, LAN, CD/DVD writing device or a remote FTP server.

Other than easing the basic backup functionality, Backup Platinum also can be used to synchronize files between two computers on a network or with a remote FTP server. The backup operation can also be automated using the powerful and flexible scheduler

User Interface

Backup platinum uses a wizard approach to define the backup items. While defining the backup item, you can also specify the location for the backup(DVD/FTP etc) and also the time for the backup operation.

Quick Run on the New Item Wizard

In the first step of the wizard, you input the name for the Backup Item. Also you should choose the type of the item. Type can be either of

  • Backup – Select this option if you want to backup your data
  • Synchronization – Select this type if you want to synchronize data between two different locations.

(Note: The other pages described below are related to the “Backup” option)

The second page of the wizard allows you to add the files/folders/registry keys.

One of the nice things about this page is that there are set of pre-defined items such as Registry Key/Address book/Window setting etc which probably are some of the critical data from any user’s perspective.

Page three of the wizard allows you to choose the backup destination path.

The wizard page presents a user friendly to input the data for the selected configuration. For E.g. If you select FTP, you can input all the server details and you can even create new directories from within the wizard page.

Page 4 of the wizard allows you to specify the storage options. The feature to highlight here is the ability to create self extracting ZIP files which again could be secured by setting a password.


Page 5 of the wizard allows you to schedule the backup operation.


Page 6 of the wizard provides a summary of the options selected in the previous 5 pages.

(The highlight of the wizard pages is the User Interface design of the wizard pages. Its neat, simple and powerful)

The synchronization feature is also very powerful. You can synchronize your work PC and home PC or your laptop and desktop PC on the fly. In case of data loss, you can restore by the click of a button.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review.

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