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Anyone who has visited or stayed in Bangalore would have definitely experienced the horrible traffic while commuting within the city.

Bangalore Traffic Police in association with Mapunity and Airtel have come up with a comprehensive urban traffic information system for Bangalore city know as Bangalore Transport Information System (BTIS)

Mapunity Information Services is a Bangalore-based developer of geographic information systems primarily for government departments, civil society organizations, and development initiatives of commercial ventures.

With BTIS:

  • You can get real time information about the traffic conditions within the city.

    There are 2 ways of getting the traffic information. If you are connected to Internet, you can access to view live traffic

    Alternatively if you are an Airtel Subscriber, you can send an SMS to 54321 (As of now the service is free)

  • Get Directions around Bangalore – (Interestingly you also get a rough estimate of the Auto charges for the selected route)
    You can even SMS the driving directions !
  • Shortly Carpool service will also be launched which will let you quickly check with your pool partners using your cell phone, and plan your trips each time you hit the road.

This live traffic information system is the first of its kind in India. This service definitely looks useful for people living in Bangalore or visiting Bangalore 🙂

Checkout BTIS

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  • Anusha Jul 17, 2010 Link

    i have been travelling from bangalore to hosur in ordinary bus every week.The transport system is not good.No reserved seats for ladies.All ladies will be standing in the bus. The seats are filled by gents.ladies hardly get seats.This is not fair.Karnataka govt should take care of this.