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The sidebar now displays the list of Top commentators for this blog. This has been overdue from some time now.

Nate Sanden’s Top commentator plugin eased the task of showing the top commentators. It is currently shown only on the home page.

In order to accommodate this list on my 2 column theme, I have also decided to move the Blogroll to a separate page.

(Thanks to Shankar for pointing out the Blogroll Plugin)

Note: If you are using the Top Commentators plugin, you should also have a look at the 9 options that could be tweaked by editing the plugin. (Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t come with a preference page.

I especially found the following options useful:

reset (’hourly’, ‘daily’, ‘weekly’, ‘monthly’, ‘yearly’, ‘#’)
This tells the plugin how often it should reset the comment count for users. For example: If you choose monthly, only comments from the current month will be counted towards a visitors comment count. If you use an integer such as 30, it will show all commentators for the last 30 days.

limit (any positive integer (1 – infinity))
This will limit the maximum number of users you want shown.

filter_users (comma seperated list of usernames)
This will filter out any usernames you don’t want shown. For example: ‘Administrator,Admin’.

filter_user_ids (comma seperated list of user id’s)
This will filter out any user_ids you don’t want shown. For example: ‘1,2′. 1 is almost always the ‘Admin’ user.

number_of_comments (y=yes, n=no)
If you want to only display the commentators name and not the number of comments he/she has made, set this to ‘n’.

List of Top commentators:

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  • Harish Jun 17, 2007 Link

    There seems to be a problem with viewing the full article, and the feed seems to have more content than the webpage 😀
    From when is the count being done your Top commen(ta)tors

  • venukb Jun 17, 2007 Link

    I just fixed it.. I wanted excerpts on the home page, it seems to have screwed everywhere. Time to learn php 😀

    This post, I specifically added “more” tag so that the dynamic content is executed in the page(there is no way to execute php on rss feeds)

    Also the count is for the last 1 month (its reset every month)

  • TheAnand Jun 17, 2007 Link

    I was puzzled about that too until i read the comments 😉 This will bring in a flood of comments, I have another plugin called linky love which will activate no-follow in the urls after a specific no. of comments…

  • Shivaranjan Jun 17, 2007 Link

    Hey I am one of your top commentors. 😉 This is a very useful plugin that encourages people to comment.

  • Kyle Eslick Jun 18, 2007 Link

    Definitely a must have plugin for most blogs.

    Mine is currently set at once a month, but its nice having the option of resetting it weekly if you’re getting enough comments.

  • Techie Buzz Jun 18, 2007 Link

    Its nice, you should definitely use this on all blogs as it allows users to comment for a benefit rather than just leech on content.

  • Shankar Ganesh Jun 18, 2007 Link

    Yeah, this plugin is everywhere – on most WP blogs. 😀
    And thanks for the mention!

  • Angie Jun 26, 2007 Link

    I need to figure out how to get this to show only on my front index page. I use the same plugin. I guess it’s time to look around for some fixes.

  • Venu Jun 26, 2007 Link

    Angie you can use the is_home() function and show the top commentators only on the home page.

  • Tsewang Jul 5, 2007 Link

    i love this plugin. i wish we customize it little bit more.

  • Venu Jul 5, 2007 Link

    Tsewang, thanks for stopping by. I believe you could control most of the plugin behavior, I would definitely have liked to see a UI options panel rather than manually editing the plugin.

  • Charlie Aug 19, 2007 Link

    hi nice post, i enjoyed it

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