USB Thumdrive from China

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Check this picture !



Now read this story 🙂

Some guy went to China and bought it for very cheap. It is supposed be able to store for several GB of memory. But as much as he tried, it didn’t work so he decided to to open it up and that’s what he saw. So please if you go to China or planning to try stuff you buy even though it is very cheap. But anyway I think it’s hard to return stuff there. This is like the extension cord for the USB cut and put inside, how did they even think of doing this?

China was the first place where I saw a 70 floor electronic market (known as Seg Plaza). It was a huge building and you could find any electronic item you want. In fact you could even assemble a Nokia mobile phone of your choice!!

Me and my friends have shopped extensively in this market and we rarely have been duped.  

Anyway I would still recommend anyone buying a DVD player to buy it in China.

I for one own a BBK DVD player and it plays any damn scratched CD/DVD with no issues.

I have another Philips DVD player which sometimes is not even able to recognize a partially scratched DVD, let alone playing it.

What is your view on Chinese Electronic Items ?

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  • Apurv Jun 21, 2007 Link

    Damn.. try beatin’ the Chinese when it comes down to innovation.. 😀 Awesome USB! 😉

  • MrGPt Jun 21, 2007 Link

    Dang, that really sucks.

  • Benjamin Cass Jun 27, 2007 Link

    If I would’ve been cheated like that, I wouldn’t have been mad… I would’ve been downright impressed 😀

  • TheAnand Jul 8, 2007 Link

    Laughed my head out with this!