June 2007 Roundup


I started the “Roundup” from April and somehow missed it in May. The roundup gives readers a second chance to have a look at some of the popular posts and also helps new readers to catchup on some of the interesting posts.

So why just do roundup for the previous month ? Since this site is already a year old, I am including some of the popular posts of June 2006 as well 😀

Popular posts – June 2007

  1. Source Control in Eclipse IDE
    List of Team Plugins available for Eclipse
  2. How To: Browse remote files in Eclipse IDE
    This post details the method to install RSE plugin and using the plugin to connect to remote machines. This can as well be used by bloggers using wordpress. You can connect to your hosting server and edit your PHP/CSS files with ease.
  3. Feeddemon – Worth Buying ?
    Feeddemon in my view is one of the best desktop based RSS reader out there. Is it worthy buying Feeddemon ?
  4. Printing Online Photos
    Picsquare and iTasveer are 2 services providing integration with Flickr and help you to get your picture out on paper.
  5. Active@ File Recovery
    Recover deleted files and partitions with ease.

Popular posts – June 2006

  1. Setup you local wordpress blog
    Step by Step instruction to help you setup a blog on your local machine
  2. IE7 Beta 3
    Review of Beta 3 version of IE7
  3. Gravatar
    What is Gravatar ? How to Integrate Gravatar with WordPress ?

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  • Shankar Ganesh Jul 5, 2007 Link

    Hehe.. You too have round ups over here.. cool! Let me read the posts I missed 😀

  • Tsewang Jul 5, 2007 Link

    Recently i have been seing a lot of blogs do the same you are doing -like Popular Post for the month, etc. Looks like it helps blog do something, which I haven’t noticed yet.

  • Venu Jul 5, 2007 Link

    Yup, in fact I picked up when I saw this in Dan’s weblog (thewrongadvices guy 🙂 ) and I am sure the posts of 2006 would be of more interest as you are already tracking the june 2007 posts 🙂

  • Venu Jul 6, 2007 Link

    Tsewang, it does result in increased pageviews for sure. Thats what I have noticed. But I would definitely like people putting even popular posts of past year.

    Many readers start tracking a blog at different period of time and this would definitely help in highlighting some of the good posts to this set of people.

  • Vijay Jul 6, 2007 Link

    For new readers of your blog, a list of the best posts would entice them to come back for more the next time.. This is now being done by many a blogger