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Amit of Labnol suggested couple of useful sites on this post which help you to get more information about a domain. I particularly liked which helps you to quickly have a look at the hosting provider of a particular domain.

I would like to recommend the following 2 sites. was recently renamed to Domain Tools. Domain Tools has been tracking whois history for quite some time now (since 2000). The information provided by the Domain tools whois service is exhaustive.

The information is categorized into

  • Front Page Information – Website Title, Title Relevancy, SEO Score etc
  • Indexed Data – Alexa Trend and Ranking
  • Server Data – Details about the server where the site is hosted.
  • Registry Data – Domain registration data including the Name servers
  • DomainTools Exclusive – This information was the one I found very useful. You actually come to know of how many sites are on your shared hosting space. My site seems to be sharing load with 23 other sites. When this site was hosted on Godaddy, it was a whooping 3350 sites !!!

If you are on shared hosting, do check as to how many other sites are sharing your server 🙂

Instant Domain Search

Although there are lot of sites which help you in searching for domains, Instant Domain Search stands out. Its a free service that instantly (literally) checks for .com .net and .org sites.

If you are planning to buy a domain, bookmark this site 🙂

Are there any other better whois and domain search tools ?

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  • Benedict Herold Jul 7, 2007 Link

    I love the service provided by Domain Tools, I’ve been using it for a while!

  • ReviewSaurus Jul 7, 2007 Link

    Well, I like It’s faster than others 🙂

  • Shankar Ganesh Jul 7, 2007 Link

    AjaxWhoIs is cool too.

  • Venu Jul 7, 2007 Link

    Benedict, yes I forgot to mention that DomainTools does host a lot of other useful services other than whois.

    Ajaxwhois is also cool, however it looks like more of a domain search tool rather than a whois query tool

  • ReviewSaurus Jul 7, 2007 Link

    well, if you just click on the whois button then it will give you whois info too. In the simplest way 🙂

  • sunny Jul 26, 2007 Link

    i think is better it also has other information about site like seo score traffic rank etc.