What’s with Akismet ?


Akismet, one of the best anti-spam webservice has helped lot of websites including mine in identifying and blocking spam comments and trackbacks. However from the past few days, I am spending more time deleting spam comments and these comments are also making way as comment subscription notifications.


The comment text is generally the same: “Nice“, “Interesting” etc.

Is anybody else facing the same problem ? Guess I should switch on the Bad Behavior plug-in

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  • Shankar Ganesh Jul 10, 2007 Link

    Yep. That’s right. Too many one word spams like Cool, etc. leading to illegal sites. Dunno what to do.. Some are flagged as spam.. while others escape 🙁

  • Arpit Jacob Jul 10, 2007 Link

    yeah its the same case with my blog too. I thought Askimet was intelligent enough to block spam after I had marked more than 10 comments as spam. I rem seeing a plugin a while back were it allowed comments only if the number of words were more than 10.

  • venukb Jul 10, 2007 Link

    Other escape, but from the past few days, lot of them are escaping. I’m not sure if spammers have found a way to bypass akismet.

    Arpit,that would be a nice plugin; However I remember there is another plugin via which you could disable comments on old posts.

  • Shivaranjan Jul 10, 2007 Link

    I use only spam fighting plugin and that is Spam Karma, which is the most effective spam fighting machine that i have seen. I am not facing any of these comments as spam karma is effectively filtering out these comments as spam. I donot diable comments in past posts. Give a try to spam karma and you will never regret it. Till now spam karma has protected my blog from 32323 spams as of now.

  • Benedict Herold Jul 11, 2007 Link

    You’re correct! for some reason the antispam is not filtering all spams as it is supposed to do. I think it is time for change, but will wait for few days more to see if something improves.!

  • venukb Jul 11, 2007 Link

    Shiv, I will try out Spam Karma for sure. Even Akismet does a very good job. And as Benedict has mentioned, I will also wait for couple of days to see if this trend continues.

    Generally when the askismet web service is down, there are chances of spam entering your posts. However I/We are seeing lot of spam even when the service is running normally. I hope Matt is aware of this 🙂

  • ReviewSaurus Jul 11, 2007 Link

    Even I’m facing the same problem. Akismet works with recommendations from various users. it may be that some people may be thinking them as legitimate comments. I think there should be a suggestion where an author can decline that post straight away, which has got less characters than a specified number of characters.

  • Benedict Herold Jul 12, 2007 Link

    whoa.. Akismet is back now! Hope they have corrected stuff!