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There are thousands of WordPress themes available out there;every now and then I stumble on amazing themes which I would love to use for my site. The only thing keeping me off from doing this regularly is the effort required in modifying/customizing the theme.

I have made another theme change (4th) and this time I have adopted the Silhouette theme from Brian Gardner.


When Shankar initially showed me this theme, I felt that the header was a little dark. However when I applied and saw the theme in Safari Browser, it looked amazing.

The other reason for adopting this theme is the 3 column layout which I have been wanting to have from some time now. The theme does support WordPress widgets, however I am averse to using these widgets and hence used the “Disable WordPress widgets” plug-in.

The theme seems to be working fine in Firefox and Safari, but its breaking in IE 6.Can somebody confirm how the theme is behaving in IE 7 and Opera ?There are still lot of other stuff (Recent Comments,Top Commentators) etc which is still not in place.

If you are reading this post from your favorite RSS reader, spare some time to open the page and give your valuable feedback 🙂

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  • Vasuki Jul 11, 2007 Link

    I liked this theme better than the older one.
    The site opens fine in Opera also.

  • goldcoaster Jul 11, 2007 Link

    The theme seems fine to me, using IE7 in Vista.

    – GoldCoaster

  • Shankar Ganesh Jul 11, 2007 Link

    The theme looks great for your blog, but as you said it’s not proper in IE6.
    Try adding the overflow: hidden property to the content class.. see if it helps 🙂

  • Shivaranjan Jul 11, 2007 Link

    Your theme looks fine in Opera. 🙂 I am also hunting for a theme, may be I will try out this theme…

  • Angie Jul 12, 2007 Link

    I use Opera as well. I love this theme! I will have to bookmark the desinger.

  • Arpit Jacob Jul 12, 2007 Link

    well definitely looks much better.

  • Venu Jul 12, 2007 Link

    Thanks guys for all your feedback.

    Vasu,Goldcoaster,Angie: Thanks for checking the theme on your favorite browser 🙂

    Shankar, will check if the CSS tweak helps.

    Angie, Yes Brian Gardner does have some good themes in his public portfolio.

    Shiv, I also feel its high time you moved away from the current theme 🙂 Loling forward for a new look and feel on your site.

  • SEO Web Design Jul 18, 2007 Link

    I really like this theme. It looks good on my laptop screen (1024×768), fills the screen nicely. My only complaint is that maybe you need a logo, otherwise it looks good.

  • Venu Jul 18, 2007 Link

    Jeff, thanks for the feedback. yes there is almost no branding in my site; something i need to work on in the coming days 🙂

  • Shivaranjan Jul 30, 2007 Link

    I also have changed my theme. 🙂