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I’ve been tagged by Shankar to write 8 Random facts about me. Here it goes:

  1. On my character front, I find it little difficult to handle praises showered on me :). I keep smiling, even for things which I shouldn’t. I’m analytical and rarely emotional. I easily get angry and I am/probably finding/will find ways to control it. Over the years many people have labeled me as a “complex character”. I’ve also been appreciated for my character analysis skill as well !
  2. I’m a complete vegetarian. ! I love chocolates and it helped me survive in China ! I love fried food and its high time I did a check on my cholesterol levels !
  3. I love watching movies ! Yes I’m a movie freak. IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes are my “online” movie hangout places.
  4. I sleep a lot ! I can manage to be awake till any time during the night, but waking me up in morning is a tough task. People in my house have even tried extreme methods like pouring water on my face to wake me up on weekends. Off late even those techniques are not working and hence the folks have given up 🙂
  5. I bought my first PC during my engineering days to write/test C programs. I constantly upgraded it for the next 4 years, not for running complex huge C/C+ programs but to run memory and CPU hungry PC games 😀 . Diablo, Caesar, Rise of Nations, Formula1 are some of my favorite games.
  6. I love owning Gadgets and computer accessories ! Who doesn’t 🙂 The only thing holding me buying all those fancy gadgets is my limited bank balance !
  7. November is my Birthday
  8. Damn only 8, I still wanted to write so many things about me. Ah I will probably use the “About” page for that.

Ok, now time to tag my other buddies: Vasuki, Apurv, Harish and Anand to share 8 random facts about themselves.

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  • TheAnand Jul 18, 2007 Link

    hey, thanks for tagging me! You are the first person to tag me ever!

    *off goes to write the post*

  • Shankar Ganesh Jul 18, 2007 Link

    LOL Your #4 was funny. I wake up late in the weekends 😀

  • Vasuki Jul 19, 2007 Link

    Thanks for tagging!
    I think we both share #3 and #4 🙂

  • Linky Love Jul 20, 2007 Link

    Anand tagged me further 🙂

    What plugin you use for the “Anand has been clicked 2 times”?

  • venukb Jul 20, 2007 Link

    Linky Love, Its shown because I have enabled this tracking in mybloglog, you could either show as a “popular link” or “number of times” the link is clicked.

    If you are signed up on myblog log, check in “Settings”-> Click Tagging

  • Nirmal Jul 20, 2007 Link

    #4 was funny, so you dont need to take bath again. 😀

  • Venu Jul 20, 2007 Link

    Haha.. Probably I can skip face wash ! not the bath 🙂

    Looks like many of you liked point 4.

    The one I mentioned is one of the least lethal weapon used. In fact my mom did come up with a brilliant idea; she use to send my brother; He used to come,kick me and run;

    My short temper misused to wake me up from bed 🙁