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HTC Touch, also known as the HTC P3450 is a Windows Mobile 6 powered smartphone designed and manufactured by HTC (A Taiwanese based manufacturer)

I heard about HTC Touch Phone from my brother when he returned from Taiwan. When we stopped by a shopping mall we even had a check on the HTC Touch in a mobile phone shop.

However due to the unavailability of a demo phone, we were not able to get a good overview of this touch phone and hence decided to defer the purchase until we had good knowledge of its features and shortcomings.


I came back and had a look at all the HTC videos uploaded on YouTube. It did look cool. After reading reviews including the one from MobileBurn I came to the conclusion that HTC Touch was a worthy replacement for my 2 year old Sony Ericsson T630. And at 20000 INR, its probably one of the cheapest slimmest smallest smartphone available in the market.

Here is my quick take on HTC Touch !


The packaging is an extremely sturdy all black box is contained inside a logo sleev; Opening the top flap reveals the Touch staring you in the face with the two earphones on either side.

The other package contents include:

  • User Manual – I was also surprised to see a color manual
  • 1 GB Micro SD Card
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Cable – To connect the device to the PC.
  • Extra Stylus
  • 1 CD Containing ActiveSync 4.5 and Outlook 2007 Trial Version (3 Months)
  • Another CD containing GPRS Monitor and Sprite Backup Software. These 2 application setup files use only 10MB on a 600MB CD !!


  • TI’s OMAP 850, 201 MHz Process- The processor is probably on the slower side;
  • Windows Mobile 6 OS
  • 128MB ROM and 64MB SDRAM
  • 112g with Battery
  • 240 X 320 dots resolution – With the removal of the hardware keyboard, you now have more space for the display.
  • Supports Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth
  • 2MP camera
  • Rechargeable Li-lon battery with an estimated Talk Time of 5 hours
  • Micro SD Expansion Slot – The device can support a maximum of 2GB memory cards on this slot.

HTC Touch is supposed to be first touch phone released and I have seen in many places where this device is compared to Apple iPhone. Mac Fans even have accused HTC of copying features from iPhone.

However going by iPhone’s announcement date, I wonder if HTC had time to come up a phone design and release it before Apple released iPhone.

One of the features highlighted in HTC’s marketing is the TouchFLOW feature. TouchFLOW features the Touch Cube which is a 3 Dimensional interface that gives you one touch access to your messages, Internet , Contacts and more.

The home screen also looks stunning. It features a instant local weather widget along with a customizable program launcher.


The home screen also features a shortcut via which you can easily stop the running programs.


The phone feature worked pretty well. The phone pad is large and hence I faced no trouble in typing the phone numbers.


However the Speakerphone doesn’t work that well. There is a shrill noise along with the audio output. I still have to test the camera !

To get a quick overview of other features, check the following video.

The below video is my first directorial venture :). YouTube seems to have screwed up the video while processing the uploaded WMV file. I suggest you to view the video in the Full Screen mode. If it still looks odd, have a look at the original video here 🙂

The software used to capture the actions does not capture the touch navigation clearly and the screen changes might get confusing at times.As you can see from the Video, the UI is rarely sluggish and even if you did observe few, they were due to the simultaneous video capture.

My Initial 2 days with HTC Touch

As with any HTC Touch owner, I first tried out the TouchFLOWfeature. I immediately got used to it and had no trouble in bringing the cube to the foreground. I switched on the Wi-Fi via the communication manager. The weather widget immediately refreshed with the latest weather update. The Bluetooth pairing also went fine with my notebook.

On the applications front I tried out mobile versions of GMail and Google Search and yes I didn’t forget to download a Sudoku game app :). I even synchronized all my Plaxo/Outlook contacts onto the handset.

Typing SMS was troublesome with the small keyboard and hence I installed the HTC T9 Phonepad (Usage of same can be seen in the above video). If any of you are using a smartphone/Pocket PC let me know if there some “must have” mobile applications.


At my workplace we do develop and test handset applications and till now HP iPaq was the popular choice. In terms of build/size and features I should say that HTC Touch does beat HP iPaq by a huge margin. The same even applies for the pricing. As of now I am happy with my choice and hopefully this phone would last for another couple of years 🙂

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  • TheAnand Jul 24, 2007 Link

    Now, I hate you for publishing this review! I was going to get the Nokia E62i this week. Now that I have read this, I will have to compare this to my choice! Grr. . .Seriously, that is one sexy phone to have….

  • Venu Jul 24, 2007 Link

    Anand you should thank me, I prevented you from buying a wrong phone :).

    As long as you have no complaints on the windows mobile OS, you would love this phone and you probably even can’t compare to the one you wanted to buy 🙂

  • TheAnand Jul 24, 2007 Link

    Yea, by the looks of it, I am getting drawn to this. But what about service and parts issues? Do they even have a care centre here? 😀 I dnt want to end up putting this phone on the showcase!

  • venukb Jul 24, 2007 Link

    Anand, you can get the list of service centres here

    I’m not sure of the quality of service, since they came into India recently. I’m hoping for a good professional service from these guys 🙂

    And again for 1 year, you are covered with the warranty for any damages 🙂

  • Nirmal Jul 30, 2007 Link

    Congrats on getting HTC, why didnt you check out the M600 from SE, it cheap, but I’m not sure of the features.

  • Venu Jul 30, 2007 Link

    Yup I am a big SE fan. When it comes to symbian based phones there is one bulky p990 and the m600 you mentioned.

    HTC for one is a touch phone. Windows mobile 6 isn’t too bad compared to Symbian. Display is large yet the phone is smaller than M600 🙂 Also has a camera which isn’t too good but its missing in M600 and the list of goodies in HTC goes on..

    Meanwhile my friends were surprised to see a non SE phone in my hand 🙂 I see that you too are a big SE fan 🙂

  • Nirmal Jul 30, 2007 Link

    You are right, I’m a big SE fan. 😀

  • Vikram Jul 31, 2007 Link

    I’m a big SE fan too – my phones over the past 9 years have been S or E or more recently SE only.
    Just moved to the HTC Touch – wanted to know where I could download the HTC T9 Phonepad as the only issue I’ve had so far is having to type sms’s – could really do with T9.

  • TheAnand Jul 31, 2007 Link

    I am a Nokia fan. . .My 5 year old Nokia 3310 still runs perfect! And my other phone the NgageQD is one military hardware..It has been like falling down every other day, no probs yet.

    @ Vikram, search youtube, there was a video of some guy teaching how to send sms faster from the htc using a software . .

  • Venu Jul 31, 2007 Link

    Vikram, yes I managed to get hold of the T9 touchpad on the day I bought HTC. The cab is hidden in one of the threads in XDA developers forum.

    I’m writing on post mentioning the different keyboard applications which can be used on windows mobile. It should be out today 🙂

  • Raj Aug 12, 2007 Link

    Hey, I was thinking of getting an HTC touch but then I read your post yesterday evening and couldn’t resist anymore and got it today!! 🙂

    Its great! But when I inserted my SIM, it gave an error saying that my active network (ID:14405) was different from the default or something. I realized that it was because I had an “Airtel Gold” SIM. I had to manually select “Airtel” to get it to work. I called up Airtel and they were pretty clueless about the whole thing. 😀

  • TheAnand Aug 12, 2007 Link

    Raj, tell you what, call up 121 and express yourself! 🙂

  • Venu Aug 12, 2007 Link

    Raj, Welcome to HTC Touch owner’s club 🙂
    Airtel customer service for one might not even know that they are the ones who introducted HTC in India.

    Ask about MMS setting/GPRS setting on HTC Touch, its like Sanskrit to them. Anyway glad that you got it working 🙂

  • Mohan Herle Aug 19, 2007 Link

    Nice and Helpful article. We can enhance TouchFlo from it’s basic featues to contact list also. Try PocketCM.One of the links is listed below. Though compatibility list says WM5, I did’t have problem till date.
    With this installed, you can scroll the contact list by your finger. Jump to particular alphabit instantly. We can scroll A,B,C,D…nicely. Good animations etc.,This is the best enhancement I had till date(tried tons of it).

  • venukb Aug 20, 2007 Link

    Actually you can do the scrolling and panning even in the contact list. Not sure if you have tried it.

    I will definitely have a look at PocketCM to see if its a useful add-on.

  • sarvan Aug 26, 2007 Link

    Even am looking forward to buy htc 3450. Is that available in bangalore.What is the price.

  • Sivabalan Aug 27, 2007 Link

    I have a E61 for a while. Was impressed with HTC Touch by reading the reviews. Recently I walked into 2 mobile chains asking for a demo piece. None of them had one. Am very skeptical to get this without trying out the navigation and getting a hang of it.

    – Is there any place known to you guys where I can try this out
    – AFA the touch screen goes, does it have any “lifetime”. Cause mobile touch screen is a recent thing. So I would like to see if there are any data/gurantee from the vendor on this. ( was also freaked out by the mobile store guy, when he said that the life time of the phone will be activated if he switches on the phone )

    I like my E61, but its responsiveness is not spantaneous

  • Venu Aug 27, 2007 Link

    Saravan, It is available in Bangalore, not sure of the current price, but I happened to see a price tag of 19500INR recently.

    The number of handsets in the market is quite limited i guess and stores will not show you a demo piece, unless they have received one from the manufacturer. You can even ask for a demo piece of N95, you would get the same response.

    I would suggest you to checkout the HTC touch vides on Youtube for a “virtual demo”

    Regarding the touchscreen lifetime, it shouldn’t be a big issue. The screen is designed to handle constant inputs I believe and they do come with a screen protector as well!

  • Sivabalan Aug 28, 2007 Link

    Thanks Venu for the reply.
    One more point for me to ponder is keypad. MobileBurn review states that for professional emailers, it might not be that great.
    I would send around 20 emails a day from handheld. And thats why I wanted to test it in first place

  • mohanherle Aug 28, 2007 Link

    Sivabalan if you have your reservations about touch screen and the main usage is emailing than you should seriously consider HTC S710 with a extremely nice sliding keyboard. About the demo you can go to Nationation Market in Bangalore and try.(possible if you are lucky). It is really excellent phone with the same memory,processor,etc., The difference is OS which is almost the same. It has got it’s own plus points compared to HTC Touch.
    Saravan it is little above 19,000( with warranty) in National Maket of Bangalore. But you may be aware it works only with Airtel. The unlocked version is around 20,500/- (without warranty)

  • Sivabalan Aug 28, 2007 Link

    Checking out FutureBazaar ( Big Bazzar Online). It quotes 16.5 K for S710

  • mohanherle Aug 28, 2007 Link

    In Bangalore it is (national Market) it is 15,750/- with 1year warranty. Please not it does not come with 1 GB Memory (HTC Touch has it). It is unlocked phone (meaning it will work with any operator). U may like the phone. See few reviews,camera, sound and performance is good.

  • sarvan Aug 31, 2007 Link

    Hi All,
    Thanks for the reply. It was good to know that HTC 3450 works for Airtel, coz am a airtel customer for 6yrs. Though i didnt check the model and price in Bangalore, i am now in America. Here i checked the price and is 20K for a unlocked version. I will go to the shop and see the look and feel.
    Do any of you suggest me buying here or back in bangalore ?

  • Venu Sep 1, 2007 Link

    Saravan, I would suggest you to buy it here in Bangalore. The price might have dropped by then. US is definitely isn’t the cheapest place to buy mobile phones 🙂

  • mohanherle Sep 2, 2007 Link

    saravan, If u have not bought it already in US do not buy it there. There you will get it from Hongkong and it will originally have chinese OS.Apart from that unlocked phones will not have warranty (u may be aware). Price wise I have checked and it is cheaper by around 1K in bangalore. But if you have bought it nothing to worry, there is no issue which you cannot surmount.

  • Gautam Patel Sep 9, 2007 Link

    I came across a new ROM update has been released For HTC-touch though i’m not sure official or not but i could not
    find it on website.I’ve registered as member but it seems the site has not been updated.
    The faq section doesnt contain any information on HTC-touch yet.And there’s not much
    information on HTC-touch.Currently I’m facing two problem with my device
    They are:-

    1.) there’s a 1cm light blue color spot on my screen which has appeared a few days later of purchasing the device & it dosnt seems to vanish.It’s always visible when the device is turned on.And i came to know from a friend that this is manufacturing problem and many other peoples i came across on web forums are facing the same problem.So i want to confirm if this is a manufacturing defect or not.

    to confirm visit this thread

    2.) Since a few days Internet sharing function on my device isnt functioning properly.
    When i tap on disconnect option in internet sharing, it doesnt disconnected and continues showing connected status.After exiting the function, when again open internet sharing function it doesnt start and to start it i have to reset the device, it seems like a problem with the device software.

    Currently i’m in bhopal & a college student so going to service centre in metros is not easy for me, though i’m trying to get e-mail support & its good so far.

    Please letme know abt. ur reviews & opinions on this & any kind of help would be appreciable.

  • J T Sep 18, 2007 Link

    Does anyone knows Anti Virus Software for HTC Touch Phone? Are such Anti Virus softwares available free or chargeable? Are they safe to install in HTC Touch phone?

  • J T Sep 18, 2007 Link

    Does anyone know about free/chargeable anti virus softwares for HTC Touch? Are they safe to install?

  • Husham Sep 23, 2007 Link

    Hi! I am interested in buying this phone. But i am not an Indian. I am a Maldivian, So can i get this from Bangalore with international Warranty and it has to be unlocked. If Possible can any one let me know the Price and the location of the shop. My Email:

  • mohanherle Sep 23, 2007 Link

    husham, You can get HTC touch for Rs19,000/-(INR 19,000)with one year Indian Warranty and this phone bought in India is locked with Airtel Service provider. Now if you unlock it then you will forfeit warranty. Of course for INR 20,000 you get unlocked HTC touch (Brand new- but without warranty).You should take your chances and it is worth the risk. if you source it from USA the story remains the same but you will be paying little more. You can buy this unlocked phone at Mahaveen Electronics, Shop NO 51, National Market (next to Tribuvan theater) in Bangalore- 560009.

  • Husham Sep 24, 2007 Link

    Thanks. But the problem is its with no warranty rite, since we don’t have Air tell. I can get it from here in Maldives also but the Problem here is that its without warranty so i am not sure whether thats original or fake. is there any way we can guaranty about its originality. Here its price is US$570. Email:

  • mohanherle Sep 26, 2007 Link

    Husham, 570$ works out to 22,584INR. In Bangalore the Original HTC (Without warranty costs around 20K). In Bangalore it is Original Packing, all the contents and Brand new piece (not refurbished). It may be difficult to get a fake phone anywhere right now. But I do not know if you land up buying a refurbished phone in Maldives.(Unlikely). All the best….

  • Sumit Sep 27, 2007 Link

    I bought this phone yesterday and have been really impressed with the wide array of features it has. Great buy!

  • Pramod Oct 5, 2007 Link

    Hello Venu,

    Thanks for whole lot info & users coments, I have few questions before buyin this gadget.

    1. Does this phone work with Hutch aka Vodafone..
    2. Can we sycnronise into PC like connectin via bluetooth & sending SMS.
    3. Where shall i buy this ? I want to buy the original phone with warranty… Please suggest me a place to buy this, even i am from bangalore

    THank You

  • Varun Oct 8, 2007 Link

    Hi any idea whats the current price of the phone in blore now?????…i mean the unlocked one!!!!!

  • Pramod Oct 9, 2007 Link

    Hello Varun, Global Access is selling HTC Touch un-locked versions at 19800rs with 1yr warranty…

    They will un-lock it for you for free once you buy it…

  • Varun Oct 14, 2007 Link

    THanks Pramod….but its not worth buying it for 19k cos the next model with 400mhz proc is on the line to market i think much or less the same price!!!! 🙂

  • Devendra Oct 15, 2007 Link

    Hello I have bought HTC Touch yesterday at BuyN Save, intially they told it works with every sim and after buying and opening the box they said it works with airtel only, but they dono that. I want to use it with a Hutch SIM by unlcoking. Will the warrenty exists for unlocked HTC? Pleae suggest and ways to get working my phone on any sim.

  • venukb Oct 15, 2007 Link

    I too had the trouble of making the work when I went out of India. I was prompted to input the unlock code and I got the code using the tool mentioned in this link.

    Also I am sure the unlocking is more of a software thing and the warranty should still be valid.

    Let me know if it helped.

  • Devendra Oct 15, 2007 Link

    Thanks Venu, I have seen how to unlock there before.

    But, not sure whether to use it or not and you helped me.


  • Ahmed Husham Oct 23, 2007 Link

    Hey friends. Can anyone provide me the Htc T9 Phonepad applicaton. I bought this phone yesterday and haveing difficulty in typing. So can u pls. Hope to get anyother good application for this toooo

  • Girish Oct 25, 2007 Link


    My HTC Touch switches off automatically. Is this hardware or software problem. Who do I contact in India.

  • Devendra Oct 25, 2007 Link

    Hello Girish, Were had you bought the phone from? I have no such problems with my phone. Try calling the customer care phone number included with the htc package.

  • Gautam Oct 27, 2007 Link

    visit here :-
    Dopod Communication (India) Pvt. Ltd. Authorized Service Centres

    Location: BANGALORE
    Name: RT Outsourcing Services LTD.
    Address: 2nd floor, Sunbeam 1/1, Langford (Facing Eagle), Langford Town, Bangalore-560 025
    Tel: (+91-80-22129351,52,415,29,303)
    Office Hour: Monday to Saturday : 9:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday and Public Holiday – Closed

    Location: CHENNAI
    Name: RT Outsourcing Services LTD. C/o JV Electronics
    Address: Old no 258, New no.433, Poonamallee High Road,Aminjikarai , Chennai-600029
    Tel: (+91-44-26640689, 45530332)
    Office Hour: Monday to Saturday : 9:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday and Public Holiday – Closed

    Location: KOLKATA
    Name: RT Outsourcing Services LTD.
    Address: 2 Pippan Street, Kolkata-17
    Tel: (+91-33-22277891,2,3,4)
    Office Hour: Monday to Saturday : 9:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday and Public Holiday – Closed

    Location: DELHI
    Name: RT Outsourcing Services LTD.
    Address: B-81, Okhla Industrial Area Phase-II, New Delhi-20
    Tel: (+91+11-26383666,67)
    Office Hour: Monday to Saturday : 9:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday and Public Holiday – Closed

    Location: MUMBAI
    Name: RT Outsourcing Services LTD.
    Address: E-128/129,Kailas Veibhav Complex Part Site,Vikroli West, Mumbai – 400079
    Tel: (+91-22-67037982,85,89)
    Office Hour: Monday to Saturday : 9:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday and Public Holiday – Closed

    Location: AHMEDABAD
    Name: RT Outsourcing Services LTD C/o JBM Services
    Address: 210, Pawan Plaza Complex, Nr. Sardar Patel Statue, Naranpura, Ahmedabad-380013 (Guj.)
    Tel: (+91-79-27681900)
    Office Hour: Monday to Saturday : 9:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday and Public Holiday – Closed

    Location: CHANDIGARH
    Name: RT Outsourcing Services LTD.
    Address: SCO 128-129, 1st floor, Sec-34a, Chandigarh-160034
    Tel: (+91-172-2647828,29)
    Office Hour: Monday to Saturday : 9:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday and Public Holiday – Closed

    Location: JAIPUR
    Name: RT Outsourcing Services LTD.
    Address: 17-B, Satya Marg, Nand Puri Market, 22 Godown, Jaipur-302004
    Tel: (+91-141-2210223,2210481)
    Office Hour: Monday to Saturday : 9:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday and Public Holiday – Closed

    Location: PUNE
    Name: RT Outsourcing Services LTD.
    Address: 110, 111 Manish Plaza, NIBM Road, Pune-48
    Tel: (+91-20-66031620,66021442)
    Office Hour: Monday to Saturday : 9:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday and Public Holiday – Closed

    Location: HYDERABAD
    Name: RT Outsourcing Services LTD C/o Maha Electronics
    Address: Room No 509, Taramandal Complex, 5-9-13 Saifabad, Hyderabad 500004
    Tel: (+91-40-30283991)
    Office Hour: Monday to Saturday : 9:30a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday and Public Holiday – Closed

  • Nilesh Oct 28, 2007 Link

    thnkx 4 the info

  • Fahad Nov 3, 2007 Link

    I would like to know whether i can download email in outlook with attachments?

    Also if we unlock the handset whether we will loose the warranty?


  • Cesar P Ruiz Nov 7, 2007 Link

    I have a htc phone 3450 from russia can someone tell me how to get the english version

  • Alfred Nov 7, 2007 Link

    Nice review Venu, i bought the phone yesterday and then found your site via google, linked back from my site

    emm do you know any site which has free software for the HTC touch ?

  • sushsri Nov 10, 2007 Link

    I have got a htc touch phone. Service provider airtel in bangalore.
    I tried using the airtel online gprs service. I did not get the updated settings as airtel do not have the same in their database. The customer service people concluded that this service does not work for htc touch !!!! well anybody tried this service succesfully on htc touch..

    Can you let me know the how to set the phone for gprs connectivity for airtel online

  • Pramod Nov 11, 2007 Link

    Same Here !!
    I need to know how to manually set the GPRS to work on Airtel & Vodaphone.. both customer care sucks !! they dont understand what we are speaking

  • Venu Nov 11, 2007 Link

    yes you can download the attachments, regarding warrany on unlock, it shouldn’t be a issue, the resellers themselves are selling unlocked phones i believe.

    Cesar, I didn’t understand as to what you wanted. You can always change the language via Settings -> System -> Regional Settings (you will be prompted to restart the device)

    Alfred congrats on buying the HTC Touch..regarding free software check

    sushsri/pramod, i will check if i can get any info on gprs setting. I was told that mobile office does not work on htc touch and i can have only the airtel online service enabled on htc touch.

  • Fahad Nov 12, 2007 Link

    i Bought new HTC touch handset from mobile store and its working pefectly, even the Airtel GPRS edge and mobile office is working fine. But am little concerned about the battery back up, it goes down very badly, it doesnt even remain on for a day

    venu, is it beacuse am using airtel GPRS all the time syncing outlook mail?

    I didnt have any issues configuring the mobile office, as soon as i activated it, it was configured easily


  • shivender Nov 12, 2007 Link


    where did you download the htc t9 full screen keyboard?


  • Kannan Balaji Nov 12, 2007 Link

    Thanks Gautam. The service center addresses were quite useful for me to locate the service center in Chennai.

  • Pramod Nov 12, 2007 Link

    thanks venu, let me know the manual settings of vodafone gprs..

    @shivender, update your htc rom to latest version.. you will get inbuilt new keyboards

  • Ahmed Husham Nov 13, 2007 Link

    Hi Friends.
    I bought my Htc touch last month. and i droped it last night from abt 5 feet above on the tiles. and its not starting. it started ones and it went off just after starting. and now it appears the first screen that says ” Smart mobility” and it stucks there. i am very worried. Here In maldives we dont have a service centre. so what shall i do.

  • ATUL Nov 17, 2007 Link

    what the best price of htc p 3450 and where to buy

  • Tirath Nov 17, 2007 Link

    hi . i have htc touch . and i have activated mobile office of airtel . i have skype in my cell and for that i have to use my wifi . so how can i use it ? what are the settings for that ? and i have to use internet through my htc touch . so what i have to do to use net ? i syncronised my cell but dont know how i set up my settings in PC to use internet from my cell? kindly mail me on my id . thanks .

  • venukb Nov 17, 2007 Link

    Fahad… GPRS might suck up some of the battery, but the main battery killer is the WiFi.
    I for one have never found out how much the battery lasts .. once i am at work, i connect it to my work PC (so that the tasks and meetings are always upto date).

    Meanwhile if you got GRPS/Mobile office working, you should definitely share the details. It would be helpful for many users. Let me know if you want to write a guest post on this blog 🙂

    @pramod, i could only get the MMS setting for Hutch. For airtel, the gprs and mms settings are similar. If its the same case for hutch, let me know, i will send across the MMS configuration.

    @ahmed, try doing a HARD RESET, the manual has instructions for doing the hard reset. It should hopefully take care of your problem.

    @atul, I am not sure of the current price now, check in ebay or rediff etc, they give a good estimate of the CMP; again market price will be less than what is mentioned in these sites.

    Fahad can hopefully share the settings he has done on his mobile and you should once verify.
    You can access internet via GPRS (while roaming) or using WiFi/USB while at home.

  • suresh Nov 18, 2007 Link

    dear all I’ve recently brought HTC touch all want a help from you people is how do read a e-mails in outlook express, can I read my aol & gmail. I’ve have a e-mail account with my internet service provider can I configure that too If some one help me with this process I’ll be much obliged I’ll be happy if some one send me e-mail or call me in +919841567840

  • Lokesh Mudgal Nov 19, 2007 Link

    Hey!! Venu, thanks a ton for such a mind boggling blog. I was looking for reviews for HTC Touch when i came thru ur link. Now i am planning to but Touch next week, and have already saved this link as Bookmark.. I think its gonna be of great help once i bought one for me. And just to ask The Demo of Touch i saw required a very strong finger press to see the TouchFLO working. is it the case with the all Touch or its just that faulty Demo at the shop. Please reply…

  • Anant Nov 20, 2007 Link

    I want to buy HTC touch phone and can anyone tell me whether I can use the device for GPS service with maps and street details with vocal sound instructions whilst driving etc when used with GPS receiver through bluetooth and relevant software/maps etc?
    Anant Malvi

  • pravin Nov 20, 2007 Link

    pls tell me how to transfer outlook contact to HTC3450

    pls reply on my

  • venukb Nov 20, 2007 Link

    Lokesh, Glad you found the post useful. And you definitely don’t need strong fingers for TouchFlow to work 🙂 But I can tell one thing, you might rarely use that feature 🙂

    @anant, HTC Touch does not have GPS ! You might have to look at other altenate phone from HP (iPAQ)

    @pravin, download activesync and it will help you to sync contacts/tasks/notes etc (if you are on vista, Windows mobile device center will help you accomplish the same)

  • Cesar P Ruiz Nov 21, 2007 Link

    I have a phone touch flow,the language is in russia any ideas how get the phone in english

  • deep Nov 28, 2007 Link

    I am not able to view Incoming number/ Contacts on My HTC touch P4350
    Tell me what to do man ?????

  • NEO Nov 29, 2007 Link

    Hi Venu, It is wonderful blog. I got my HTC Touch yesterday for Rs.17,500 and would like to share a few things. Now they already give the Keyboard software installed. It is unlocked piece and i am using my Vodafone (Hutch) card in it wihout any problems. Please let me know which video files are supported on this piece.

  • mukesh pawar Nov 30, 2007 Link

    proceder of p3400 pocket pc upgrade or conect with pc & mobile format system, im installed safe mode software & my mobiles screen touch system is locked?

  • venukb Nov 30, 2007 Link

    @Cesar, please try setting the language via the settings panel

    @deep, I also had the no number display problem, not sure how i got it fixed. But I deleted all the SIM contacts and I have only Outlook contacts (synced via my desktop outlook). Try creating outlook contacts in phone and see if the problem is fixed.

    @Neo, congrats on your phone. So are you saying that the T9 keyboard comes by default, that is great ? Regarding videos, if you want to take videos using the phone, you can capture in 3 formats. Mpeg4, h.263 and motion jpeg.

    If you want to play videos, you should be able to play whatever plays with windows media player. I need to investigate to see if there a similar player as VLC

  • Tushar Dec 4, 2007 Link

    Did anyone try browsing websites using wi-fi?
    Please let me know. Are secured sites accessible from the phone’s IE ?

  • John Dec 12, 2007 Link

    Can anyone suggest me where to buy cheap HTC mobile phone in Bangalore. I have seen in site unlocked piece for the price of 17299/-

  • Jiten Dec 19, 2007 Link

    Hi All, I have just bought HTC TYTN II and would like to configure GPRS on it. Vodafone is service provider for me in Delhi.

    Can anyone please ley me know how to configure GPRS on it.

    Vodafone suppot is unable to help me.

  • Nikhil Dec 26, 2007 Link

    Venu I am sorry I dont know how good you know about htc touch, I have one, but language can not be changed through region changed, it changes only time , date and currency format. Mine in russian and want to make it in English, being frank I dont know how?

  • venukb Dec 26, 2007 Link

    I am not proclaiming to be a HTC Touch guru here, and for the language issue, I remember mentioning “try” in one of my earlier replies 🙂

    At least on Windows OS, the regional settings is the one which helps in setting up the language (and yes you need install the language packs separately), I guess on Windows Mobile, it isn’t that straightforward !

    At least I have read in few forums that the device itself has these packs installed and hence easy to switch between the languages.

    Please do post here, if you do find a way to change language, I will also continue my search 🙂

  • Nikhil Dec 27, 2007 Link


    You are right as far as regional settings are concerned.
    I am an Indian residing in Russia, bought htc touch
    wanted to change language, while using keypad, after every alphabet it changed to russian again, now after changing it, it is not switching back to russian.
    But base display is in russian, because windows installed in it is in Russian, similarly to PC window, if it is in Russian you can not change it. You need English version if you want everygthing in English. Me too is bigginer with communicator, trying if some how i could change it.



  • Lokesh Jan 2, 2008 Link

    hi venu,
    I bought HTC S710 and just came to know that Airtel doesn’t provide Internet services to Windows based handset. I thought of using my mobile to check the mails while traveling. Any pointer as to what do i do now..??

  • kapila Jan 4, 2008 Link

    Want to get GPRS enabled on my HTC Touch handset .
    Have airtel connection.
    Can any1 help me on this ASAP.


  • Czaneil Johnson Jan 6, 2008 Link

    I recently purchased a HTC touch, and my network service provider is Airtel Karnataka, when i inserted my SIM card it gave me an error message that my current network setting is different from what iam actually using and gave me options to select the country and network when i select India and Airtel it gave another message that the device does not support this network and all the network services providers features might not work, i clicked ok and the phone started working normally, now iam trying to set up GPRS (Airtel Live) and am not able to do it when i contacted Airtel customer service they dropped a bomb mentioning that HTC phone are not compatible with Airtel GPRS, is that true? pls tell me how do i activate GPRS on my touch.


  • venukb Jan 10, 2008 Link

    As far as I know Airtel has been giving wrong information saying that GPRS doesn’t work on this phone.

    Most of the mobile service providers have the option of sending the GPRS and MMS setting over the air (OTA). What the support guy is telling is that he doesn’t have the OTA setting for HTC Touch.

    You have to manually configure the GPRS; Unfortunately I haven’t activated GPRS on my phone, but basically you need to create a new connection with APN : and use that connection as the default connection. It should work, I would also suggest you to get in touch with the technical department of Airtel.

  • Sandeep Pathak Jan 13, 2008 Link

    Hi Lokesh,Kapila,Caneil

    no need to worry actually the Airtel Live is not compatible with any Windows Mobile but you can go for Airtell Office service thats the complete package for Gprs in which u have the facility to connect your phone to PC and go online on Pc using your GPRS connection

    you dont need to configure the service and dont need any settings as well just need to make sure that the Gprs service is active The Airtel Live is Free withoud any monthely charges however the Aitel Office may cost you about Rs499 Per Month

    once the service is active go to settings>>connection>>network wizard and follow the on screen instruction

    it will work no need to worry at all

  • Lokesh Jan 14, 2008 Link

    Thanks Venu and Sandeep,

    but inspite of my continous efforts i am not able to access net for my HTC S710.. Though this GPRS is active at my cell but still everytime i try to connect, i got message like “The remote party has ended this connection”

    Can u please help..
    Many thanks
    Lokesh Mudgal

  • bhejafry Jan 16, 2008 Link

    hi touchy ppl. I’m writing my query from my roaming htc touch. I’m very happy only that I’m unsuccessful in configuring my Gmail account in the even after following instructions from my Gmail account

  • DC Jan 16, 2008 Link

    What is the best price available in Bangalore and where is it available?

  • Czaneil Johnson Jan 18, 2008 Link

    finally i manageed to set up activesync through bluetooth now can some one tell me how do i connect to the internet using my existing home internet connection and through my data card.


  • S.M. Baruah Jan 18, 2008 Link


    Is HTC Touch is compatitable with cellone GPRS? I’ve already purchsed HTC touch, but not able to set up GPRS.



  • Dev Jan 20, 2008 Link

    Hi… I bought this phone today in hong kong. I hope that it would not give me any problem for accessing hutch network in bangalore once am back next month. Since i bought it outside india, it would not be unlocked i guess… users/experts please advise..

  • Yusuf Jan 31, 2008 Link

    i have also same language problem. i have russian language. i want it to be english. but i couldnt find any mui pack. did anybody find?

  • amit shah Feb 23, 2008 Link

    dear all,
    kindly send me the service centre of htc mobile in ahmedabad , gujarat

  • Nasir Feb 28, 2008 Link

    Hi Venu,

    Your site is rocking man.

    I got my HTC touch last month and its really great.

    I always get a notification telling that it is not able to detect the network and asks for some kind of upgrade from the vendor. I am not sure what he is asking for.

    Need your help on this.

  • Sameer Mar 2, 2008 Link

    Hi Guys…
    I am using a BSNL Broadband connection and have a Wireless router setup. My HTC touch detects the connection and also connects to it. But still I am not able to access the Internet. This is because the broadband is of type ADSL connection and I need to create a dialup connection & connect to access Internet. And this I follow for my Desktop comp. I believe ther’s no way in HTC touch to creaet a Dialup to connect with only User Name & Password.
    Could anyone please help me in this Concern?


  • Ankit Chopra Mar 6, 2008 Link

    Hii Venu, MY name is Ankit Chopra and i stay in Mumbai. I am planing to but HTC 3450 and would like to know what is the current price for the same. Shall I buy it from the HTC Showroom or from any mobile store… Please help me with it… Its really urgent…. I am waiting for your reply Veenu..

    Ankit Chopra

  • Ankit Chopra Mar 6, 2008 Link

    you can also mail me with the same on my email id i.e

  • venukb Mar 7, 2008 Link

    Ankit, the price has now dropped to around 16.7K I believe.

    Checkout out in for the latest prices, in the mobile store you should get it at almost the same or a lesser price.

  • venukb Mar 7, 2008 Link

    Sameer, I am not sure why you are trying the dial up approach, if you have a wireless router, just use the Wifi feature on HTC to connect to the router.

    The router should assign your phone a IP address (if dhcp is enabled) and you should be all set to access the internet.

  • Brendon Mar 7, 2008 Link

    i want to use handset as a GPRS Modem via the USB cable.
    How do i use my handset as a Modem over GPRS to connect my PC via USB cable? My PC cant detect my handset as modem!! please help!!!! Thanks.

  • amitava ghosh Apr 6, 2008 Link

    i am looking for a good showroom in kolkata of HTC ;
    i am interested to buy the htc 3400 mobile ;
    is there any showroom in central kolkata or some authorised dealer of htc ???

  • Ankit Chopra Apr 8, 2008 Link

    Dear Venu,

    I have HTC 3450 and would like to know how can i activate the cell info display on my handset screen… Like nokia and many other handsets have features like this ….Does HTC have the same feature or not…If yes i would like to know how can i do it…

    Ankit Chopra

  • Attiah Apr 9, 2008 Link

    I had problem with screen, some white horizontal lines appeared and started to spread till I could not see the content . I took for service and I was informed by the service man that this problem was reported many time . I just wanna ask if you have experience this problem ? and if this problem is manufacturer defect , why I had to pay for fixing ???

  • suba Apr 11, 2008 Link

    Hello sir
    found ur site very informative
    iam planning 2 get P3450 HTC TOUCH in bglore
    features are really good n worth
    but i have some queries after
    surfing through net n found that some have commented that
    1)the speaker volume is too low that calls r easily missed,
    2)camera is not very good
    3)battery hold time is less than 6 hrs n needs to b charged frequently
    4)wifi is actually not functioning/not a feature as promised
    wats ur opinion on them
    I also want 2 read textbooks in them..will it be easy to handle for that purpose.
    wher can i get them now in bglore..

  • venukb Apr 15, 2008 Link

    After using a iPhone from the past 1 week, I am not sure I’m in a state to recommend buying an HTC touch now 🙂

    There is no issue with the ringer volume, however if you do put a active conversation on speaker, it isn’t very clear.

    Camera is basic 2MP camera without flash and hence you can’t expect much from it.

    Battery isn’t really bad and I have not found myself charging it frequently. If you use Wi-Fi extensively it might drain the battery fast.

    Wi-Fi works great, no trouble there !

    Reading stuff on a small device is something which I find it difficult, if you have no such trouble, then there are lot of applications that can be installed to read stuff on the phone.

    You can buy online in Indiaplaza or buy in any of the popular mobile stores. IndiaPlaza should give you a good estimate of the current market price.

  • venukb Apr 15, 2008 Link

    Looks like the modem driver is missing. You should have it on the “Getting started” CD which came along with your phone.

    I have digged up this XDA forum thread just for you 🙂

    Cell Info display is supposedly a battery sucker, just make a note of it. As I am on iPhone from past few days haven’t tried out the method suggested in the thread. If it worked for you, please let us know.

    @ Attiah,
    I have had no such trouble, do check in XDA forums if other users have reported a similar problem.

  • bryan Apr 22, 2008 Link

    I need help finding a good theme to put on my HTC TOUCH and I have seen things done where the CUBE is different and cooler I wanna change my phones theme and I need help I figured out an IFONZ program but it just ran like a program over the fone…not really changed the theme…and I am not too good at figuring out where to copy and paste files so the more help the better much appreciative BRYAN

  • Ankit Chopra Apr 22, 2008 Link

    Hii There,
    i hav turned the cell info display and it is not really a battery sucker. I turned it on only for a days time and it really dint sucked the battery

  • Madhup May 17, 2008 Link

    Can yuo help me in setting up GPRS on HTC p 3400 i. My ISP is Vodafone Delhi. I have even subscribed to their mobile connect plan – and received a SMS stating that it has been activiated on my phone.

  • Vinay May 20, 2008 Link

    Hi All,

    I purchased a HTC P3470 a month back in Bangalore. I am on SPICE network for the past 6 years. Since the time I have bought this new phone, I hear my callers telling me that they have made umpteen number of calls where I haven’t picked up their call, but strangely, my phone never gave me the indication of the call, nor was it on the missed call history. But all the time, the people who called me, could hear the ringing from their end.

    Once I tried to call my mobile from my land line and found that it was really happening the way mentioned above. Offlate, it is getting nastier with everybody asking Why I am not picking up the phone while I dont seem to get any indication at all !

    Before I get in touch with the HTC service center, do you folks see anything I might be missing here? I have put my ring tone at high volume setting. My call from landline to my mobile seems to be a litmus test for it’s not working.

    Please let me know your thoughts on this.


  • Venu May 21, 2008 Link

    I’m on airtel and not sure of the settings for Vodafone. In most cases setting the APN would be more than enough.

    You seem to have a real unusual problem. If the phone is still on warranty I suggest you to go and get it checked immediately. The other thing you can do is also to put in another SIM say airtel and then try making a call.

  • sangunni Jun 6, 2008 Link

    I came to this site when I was looking at some info about outlook express connection with my new acquired P3400. I purchased in Bangalore yesterday for 1.02K. My usb connection is working well. I was not able to update the contacts from HTC to PC though I have outlook express in my pc ( window xp). I am worried to run the trial version that they gave me in the CD ( trial version). It says that it will over write on the exiting software. The question is why it is not recognizing the exiting office outlook express. Is this different from outlook 2007?

  • K999 Jun 9, 2008 Link

    is there any way to change the language from italian to english.
    ps changing the regional setting only changes the value and not the language

  • Prakash Patel Jun 9, 2008 Link

    I could not get English Catalog in UAE became handicap for using some features as got stucked even to use minimum features.

    Send me the english catalogue/manual

  • soori Jun 17, 2008 Link

    Hi i have a HTC mobile, my touch pad is crashed so any body suggest best service center in hyderabad

  • Ram Jun 22, 2008 Link

    Hi Venu,

    Is P3450 a PocketPC or a smartphone?
    I wanna buy a PocketPC. Can you suggest
    some good HTC PocketPC phone. I guess
    3450 is a SmartPhone

  • venukb Jun 22, 2008 Link

    Sangunni – For one, Outlook Express isn’t part of the Microsoft Office family. The trial version of Outlook bundled by HTC is probably prompting to tell that it will over write the older version of Microsoft Outlook.

    Also you cannot sync the contacts via Outlook Express, you need Outlook.

    K999 – You might need to upgrade the firmware for changing the language. Do check out the XDA forums for more information on this.

    Prakash – You could have easily looked up the manual in the HTC web site ! Here is the link for you reference

    Soori – Please check my earlier post listing the customer care center of HTC in India

    Ram – I am not sure if the term “Pocket PC” is used any more. Smartphones are phones with PDA functionality and Pocket PC is just a PDA with no phone functionality. However the term Pocket PC Phone is also used widely for PDA’s with phone feature. HTC is a Pocket PC phone 🙂

  • Ankit Chopra Jun 24, 2008 Link

    hi Venu,
    My name is Ankit Chopra from Mumbai, i have buyed the htc p3450 and would like to know from where can i install the mobile tracking software, and is the handset compatible with it. And i would also like to ask you is GPS one and the same thing. for
    (Example : After installing mobile tracker, if i lost my mobile a message will be sent to any of my alternative number to inform me, that my cell phone has been stolen. ) I m really worried about my mobile. Please help me in this, incase if you know any of the software can you please mention them at your blog/website.

    Ankit Chopra

  • venukb Jun 25, 2008 Link

    Ankit – I am not sure on what connection you are on, but most of the GSM service providers come with a mobile tracking solution.

    Airtel for has MicroMTS

    MTNL for one also is providing LMTS again in association with Micro Technologies.

  • Rohit Jul 4, 2008 Link

    Hi Venu
    ive been using yr T9 key pad and it works like a baby ! thanks so much once again for the same!
    i have a wierd problem with my phone which just started a few days back, the date and the time zone of my phone changes without any reason whatsoever !
    sometimes the time zone changes frm New Del to other cities or the PM changes to AM and all my appointments and reminders get messed up
    i have tried to use a anti virus scanner(airscanner anti virus) but that does not show any virus in the phone

    request u to pls help me


  • ankit Jul 29, 2008 Link

    i want seeting for airtel to use gprs, pls provide me setting

  • Ankit Chopra Aug 1, 2008 Link

    Hi Rohit.

    I would like to kow when is ur Date, Time zone gets changed, once you connect it to your desktop the active sync changes the time and zone automatically if so then, check ur system for the same. And this might be one of the possibilities for your appointments & reminders fr the same. Try these things if then also the problems persists contact Customer Care.

    Ankit Chopra

  • sukhdev Aug 29, 2008 Link

    i want to connect my htc 3450 to desktop pc via bluetooth dun connection
    actly i want to use airtel mobile office service from my phone to my computer . . . . . anybody have solution for my problem plzzzzzz contact me at my e-mail id that is
    thank you

  • sukhdev Aug 30, 2008 Link

    i want to connect my htc 3450 to desktop pc via bluetooth dun connection
    actly i want to use airtel mobile office service from my phone to my computer . . . . . anybody have solution for my problem plzzzzzz contact me at my e-mail id that is
    thank you

  • Chris Sep 22, 2008 Link

    i have a airtel sim card and if i buy this htc touch then wil i be able to go to the airtel office and get gprs activated? does airtel gprs supported in htc phones (i am in allahabad U.P)

  • manoj Sep 28, 2008 Link

    my htc touch display is gone i want yo know d cost for display plz let me know if anyone know about it

  • dhaval Oct 11, 2008 Link

    my mobile htc p3300. During call mobile loudspeaker is on speaker doesn’t of and when i hearing song via handsfree at that time speaker is also on. i want to off it but it does not off. what can i do suggest me.

  • Aniket Sharma Oct 12, 2008 Link

    Hi venu…

    Your blog is really very useful… I am planning to buy HTC Touch soon.. But i learn from many review that it has following problems.. Please let me know if they really exist.

    1. Music quality in earphones as well as external speaker is not at all good… I have been using Nokia 3230 which has very poor music quality.. So at least this time, I want to have good music quality from my new phone.

    2. I have airtel connection and GPRS is free on Airtel Live. But i learnt that Airtel Live doesnt work on Touch. If so, my GPRS being free will be useless.

    3. does HTC Touch have FM radio..

    4. Dies the fact that Touch has minimal keys (5+2) create problems in using it easily??

    I will be really thankful to you if you answer my queries.

  • Amita Oct 16, 2008 Link

    I hv htc touch phone. I’m facing problems with STD calls since when I’ve started using this. I miss many STD calls coz I dont hear any ring whereas ppl say it rings.

    Any idea what could be wrong? Cant even throw this lovely phone but cant ignore calls also…….

  • Ravi Oct 27, 2008 Link

    Hi …. i connected my HTC touch to a PC and ran ActiSync from the software CD. Next i know is all my conatcts vanished from the phone. Anyway to recover the contacts back ?

  • vikas Nov 5, 2008 Link

    Same problem and so much confusion with so many queries in this site
    I’ve HTC touch
    Want to activate GPRS, to surf internet
    Is it possible – if Yes – how to do it.

  • sreejith Nov 9, 2008 Link

    Hi Venu,IM Sreejith, Ur site is very useful to HTC Users.Thank you .

  • divisri Nov 12, 2008 Link

    I lost my htc mobile.I want to block my mobile. I want to know is it possible or not.If is there any possibility please give me an idea how to block my mobile.

  • ramesh.v Dec 3, 2008 Link

    hi every body where do i get my htc mobile display, last mondy it fell down and it broke, where is the service centere in bangalore plzzzzzzzzz mail me if any body knows

  • Ankit Chopra Dec 19, 2008 Link

    Hi friends my name is Ankit and you post your queries on this blog or can mail me your queries and i will try to resolve or provide you the solution for the same . You can mail me on

    Ankit Chopra

  • Hazel Mathoor Jan 1, 2009 Link

    How can such a modern phone not have a language change automatically. Are they doing this to get more money from us, my htc p3470 was a gift from a French friend, yes, you guessed it it’s in French, & so is the handbook, all other mobiles I have purchased have had at least instructions in 2 languages & one of those was always in English.I can struggle by, but it would be a lot easier in English as it has so many applications. htc have ruined a perfect gift by being so petty. Please if anyone finds the free download for the English please e- mail me on I shall be eternally grateful. Hazel

  • HOT Apr 4, 2009 Link

    I read more things in this blog and i see more stuff.
    Can tell me if HTC 3450( 2009 year)has GPS or not?

  • Honey May 25, 2009 Link

    Hi Where can I buy a white color HTC TOUCH P3450 in New Delhi ??
    And how much would it cost ??

  • Anoop sharma Jul 10, 2009 Link

    i have an htc p3400 i have a great problem the touch screen not work properly .i tape some option and select another option .and headphone is also not work properly so plz tell me waht was the solution and give me right phone number of ur sevice center in pune .u mantion the address and phone number above but its wrong .its not in working
    give me response on my Email ID or my cell no 09665112378.

    • Sathish Feb 1, 2010 Link

      HTC Care Center,Shop No:11, Ground Floor, kumar Pavillion, East Street, Pune – 411001
      Ph: 020-30425118

  • vinni Aug 8, 2009 Link

    i have a problem with my htc p3400 phone, per day 3-6 time automatically getting switched of. can u suggest me the right solution for that,

  • vishal Aug 11, 2009 Link

    hey plz ne body help me…
    actually mine headset od htc touch viva is not workin properly
    my warranty is still valid
    so plz tell me whr n whn shud i go?
    plz provise me details of care center,all contact details with itz adress MUMBAI ONLY
    reply ASAP…OR EMAIL ME

    • Ankit Chopra Jan 23, 2010 Link

      Hi Vishal,

      You can get your headset replaced free of cost by visiting your neariest customer care.

      List of Customer Care Centres :

      Mumbai(Lamington Road) Salora Int’l Ltd Dahnushree building,office no-2,mezz floor,Solanki Marg, near Minerva Cinema Monday to Saturday :
      9:30a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
      1st Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday – Closed

      M/S Taipan Electronics Address- 13 Prashant Sadan Apt, Eksar Road, Babai Naka, Borivali (W) Mumbai- 400092 Monday to Saturday :
      10:00a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
      Sunday and Public Holiday – Closed

      • Ankit Chopra Jan 23, 2010 Link

        Phone Numbers :
        Taipan Electronics Borivali West
        28941593, 28941591

        Salora International Limited :

        Kindly Note : Carry your original Bill with 3 phot copies of the same.


      • Ankit Chopra Jul 30, 2010 Link

        New Link.

        <a href=

        The previous link wont work so hence u can use this to locate your nearest service centre.


  • pavan Dec 27, 2009 Link

    heya i wana buy htc google cn anyone suggest me on dat.

  • PURNA Feb 13, 2010 Link




    • Ankit Chopra Jul 30, 2010 Link

      Salora Int’l Ltd
      Address is ::
      1-1-167/2, Ist Floor, Abdullah Mansion,Alexander Road,Behind Hari Hara Kala Bhawan, Secunderabad-3

      Working Hours ::
      Monday to Saturday :
      9:30a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
      1st Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday – Closed


  • Laxman Singh Mar 3, 2010 Link

    hTC Service Center
    Salora International Ltd.
    Certified Sony Ericsson Service Centre, 105, Firs Floor, Paradise, Sarojini Marg, C Scheme Jaipur 0141-2366481, 2370023, +91-9828487858

  • mohit Mar 9, 2010 Link

    am mohit chopra from jalandhar , punjab . am using T mobile G1 . act there is some what prob in its battery . am in need of it . so can u plz help me from where i will get that. the battery in T Mobile G1 is of HTC .
    so plz help me . am waiting for ur reply


  • courtney Jun 4, 2010 Link

    if anyone knows how to do a reseton the htc touch that would b great to know i messed up my internet connections n i need to reset them. plz help thank you.

    • Ankit Chopra Jul 30, 2010 Link

      Dear Courtney,

      What exactly you want to do? U want to reset your phone or want to delete an Internet Profile using which u access internet?

      U can help me with the right topic and i will be eager to help you out.


  • Shanthakumar Dec 7, 2010 Link

    this is shanthakumar from Tumkur, Karnataka
    i would like to go to HTC 3G but after going through the net, i often saw that complints reg HTC touch 3g that there are issues relating to connectivity and battery back up………so….what is your experience and suggessions ?

    secondly i thought of going to the basic set i.e., HTC touch p 3450 …so may I know the present cost of the HTC touch p 3450 and where I can purchase (trusty place/shop) at bangalore ???
    or else will you suggest any other models in HTC ? my budget is 15k
    thanks and regards

  • deepak Feb 7, 2011 Link

    Dear Sir,

    My HTC Touch mobile automatically goes on speaker after receiving the call.

    Please help us in this matter.



  • empirepolla Feb 14, 2011 Link
  • DVD Video Tool Sep 9, 2011 Link

    you dont need to configure the service and dont need any settings as well just need to make sure that the Gprs service is active The Airtel Live is Free withoud any monthely charges however the Aitel Office may cost you about Rs499 Per Month

  • Deepak Oct 12, 2011 Link

    I am facing the same problem on my HTC Touch.. it keep searching for n/w I am on airtel. even if i choose india and airtel on the network wizard, it says the above error ( active netowrk not same as selected ) and reboots and then again keeps saerching.. what is the solution for this ? any help is appreaciated. I cannot use the phone, it keep turnign off every now and then