MMS Configuration for Airtel

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After switching over to HTC Touch, I did have a tough time configuring MMS on the handset. Matters were made worse by Airtel’s “amazing” customer care service.

Initially I was told that the settings would be sent to my phone and that this would avoid the pain of doing the manual configuration. The settings never came; after few more calls to the customer service, I realized that my old Sony Ericsson phone was still registered in Airtel’s database and they were trying to send the wrong setting.

I finally was able to manually configure the settings not with the help of Google but with little assistance from NowSMS.

So if you are stuck with configuring MMS for Airtel on a Windows Mobile device this is what you need to do:

Activate MMS (if you haven’t)

To Activate MMS, send a SMS with text “MMS ACTIVE” to 121.

Configure the GPRS Connection

  1. Go to Start -> Settings -> Connections
  2. Click on the Connections item
  3. Add a new modem connection under MyISP
  4. Input a name for the connection
  5. Select the modem as “Cellular Line (GPRS)”
  6. Click next and Input Access Point Name(APN) :

Configure MMS Options

The MMS option screen was kind of hidden and I am not sure if its the same on Windows Mobile 5 as well. Here is how you access the “hidden” MMS options

  1. Start -> Messaging -> SMS/MMS
  2. Menu -> New MMS
  3. Select a Blank Template
  4. Menu -> Options -> MMS Options

Its kind of weird that I had to create a New MMS message to view the MMS options screen.

Select Servers tab and enter the information as shown on the below screen (This information is what I got from NowSMS)


Note that the Server name can be anything. Also the MMS connection should be pointing to the new modem connection that was created with APN This is accomplished by setting it in the “Connect via” box.

Once the configuration is done, set this new server configuration as the default.

That’s it 🙂 You are now all set to send and receive MMS messages. Also the above steps can be used to configure MMS for any mobile operator, only the settings (Gateway,Server Address etc) would change and this data has to be got from the service provider.

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  • TheAnand Jul 26, 2007 Link

    I am sure Broadband Services are not as dorky as the people at the mobile(yea, biased since I used to be there in landphones 🙂

    If it was mobile office, I usually send a sms “MO” to 2567. Since you are not using the mobile office, I could not help you out 😀 Good that you were able to use it. Hows the speeds and experience?

    I am equally stuck with my Hutch GPRS.I can tell they are worse than airtel….they know the stuff, but the arrogance is unbearable!

  • venukb Jul 26, 2007 Link

    Anand this is only the MMS configuration.

    I tried to configure Airtel Online, I was told that after activating that it wouldn’t work on HTC Touch and that I had to only go for Airtel Mobile Office, its little expensive as of now and the speed is not worth the price Airtel is asking for 🙂

    MMS activation is free and you pay 5Rs when you send a Multimedia message.

    • ajay chander Dec 30, 2009 Link

      hai…. iam having nokia n73 bt i dnt got any reply from customer srevice hw to activate my mms connection.?

  • Nirmal Jul 30, 2007 Link

    I too had some experiences while configuring with Airtel’s amazing customer service. 😀

  • TheAnand Jul 30, 2007 Link

    Here we have no Airtel online….its either live or mobile office. btw, I am landing there on the 3rd this month. . .want to meetup and grab a beer or somthing? 🙂

  • kiran krishna Sep 20, 2007 Link

    hi venky
    i wanted to configure GPRS Setting on my htc touch. the Settings which i want to configure are as follows

    Name of Service: mtnl_wap
    APN: gprsmtnldel
    IP Address:
    Port Number: 9201
    Username: mtnl
    Password: mtnl123

    in the above settings i am confused as to where exactly the IP Address, Port No and HomePage will go.. Can you please help me on this…

  • venukb Sep 23, 2007 Link

    First find out whether MTNL uses PAP or CHAP authentication. This needs to be set in the “GPRS setting”

    Once this is done, you can add a new modem connection and configure the above details.

  • TheAnand Dec 20, 2007 Link

    hey venu,

    looks like you too busy offline to blog regularly. 🙂 happy holidays…and do you mind telling me about the airtel online there? the rental and other details….

  • venukb Dec 22, 2007 Link

    yes little busy.. guys trying to get the work done before the Christmas and new year holidays 🙂

    I haven’t subscribed to airtel online; as i mentioned earlier, airtel support told me that it wouldn’t work on my HTC. The rental was quite less, I don’t remember, probably around 150INR/month something. Will check again and confirm.

  • Vishnu Diwakar Dec 27, 2007 Link

    Can any one tell me the process of activating Bluetooth. Give me in steps wise if possible…


  • Ramesh Jan 28, 2008 Link

    Hi All,

    How to configure HTC settings to display incoming call ID, if its from Contact list.
    The Service Provider is Airtel.

    Presently it shows Incoming Call and Number.
    Doesn’t display caller name from contact list.

    Thanx in Advance.


  • richa Jan 30, 2008 Link

    hi,can anybody tell me the vodafone ip address and port no. for htc p3400 as the details given by the customer care ppl ie :9201 does not allow u to access gprs.plz plz help me

  • Vasu Mar 15, 2008 Link

    Hi, Venu venki… any one… a similar tutorial to setup GPRS on HTC would be ICING ON THE CAKE….
    I guess i was able to extract only this much info from the CC guys
    Proxy: Port: 8080
    Authentication : PAP (I think the CC gal made a guess on this one)
    I done all possible combination but my GPRS simply wont connect

    Thanks in advance…

  • ayesha Mar 16, 2008 Link

    hi actually i want to activate mms service for my cell which is sony erricson and the model no is S500i.i had tried doing it by sending mms to 121 but not gettin it can u just say me in detail how to configure my mms on my cell.thanks

    • Vinnu Jul 12, 2011 Link

      Stop sending mms dn prblm salow kada

  • Al Mar 20, 2008 Link

    It works like a charm, there is some tweaking to be done though
    You need to define one of the predefined services.
    I have mobile browsing capabilitiees on my phone and have a sperate Mobile office config
    Adding an MMS doesnt work.
    For eg.
    In connect via Reconfiguring MY WORK to works.
    ANd setting MMS to My Work. will result in it working (Note the other settings need to be set as above)
    Any help ask me

  • Al Mar 20, 2008 Link

    I use a cooked ROM so i wont know what OEM roms look like
    For airtel gprs
    Go to the COnnections Tab
    Add new connections in the modem TAB
    Name is GPRS or whatever u like
    and u r up and running

  • senthil Aug 7, 2008 Link

    my mobile sony erission k510i i connect AIRTEL LIVE on my mobile
    Q: how to send free (without buy) MMS use aitel live?
    please tell me the full details and settings on my mobile phone…………….please……..

  • Gopichand Pai Aug 24, 2008 Link

    Hi Venukb,

    I have few questions
    1) Airtel online uses PAP or CHAP authentication?
    2) Have you tried configuring airtel online on HTC touch? If yes, please explain the steps
    3) How to make HTC touch display the location name. Almost all the phones display the mobile tower name they are connected to. I don’t know how to make it work on HTC touch.

    Thanks in advance
    Gopichand Pai

  • Prakash Sep 30, 2008 Link

    Use this URl for ‘Say Caller’s Name’ Feature in HTC Touch

  • chris Nov 23, 2008 Link

    thanks a lot venky ……….. i tried calling airtel ppl so many times none of them guided me …….. u did it for me venky ………. and a small problem :(… i could send MMS but unable to receive ……… i am using WINDOWS 5.0 (HTC tilt) …… i follwd every step u gave me …….. is there anything else i can do to receive MMS??

  • Re:MMS Failure Mar 11, 2009 Link

    Hi Venky,
    This is Muniraj actually i am working on some Developmet kit of GSM/GPRS to send the MMS, I am using the Airtel and vodafone sims,
    I can able to send the MMS from mobile to mobile,but when i remove the sim and place it in the Development kit and trying to send the MMS it is not sending the MMS,showing the Error Network time out,
    when I contacted the customer care of airtel and vodafone no body knows the configuration they tell it is posible only through the mobile
    not through any kit ,but the same thing is woriking in China and the france,can u guide me regarding this.


  • A R Apr 1, 2009 Link

    MMS Settings for the Sony Ericssson X1i (Xperia) & HTX Touch Pro
    Windows Mobile 6.1

    1. Tap Start -> Settings
    2. On the Settings screen tap on the Connections tab
    3. Tap the Connections icon
    4. Tap Manage Existing Connections
    5. Tap on New to create a new data account
    6. Type-in AirtelMMS or MMS under Enter a name for the connection
    7. Choose Celular Line (GPRS, 3G) from the drop-down list under Select a modem
    8. Tap Next
    9. Type-in under Acess point name
    10. Tap Next
    11. Leave the username, password and all other fields blank
    12. Tap Finish

    If there is more than one data connection configured on the Manage Existing Connections page, please ensure that the radio button beside Auto Pick is selected.

    Tap OK to exit and tap OK once again to return to the main settings page.

    Tap Start -> Messaging
    Tap SMS \ MMS
    Tap Menu -> MMS Options
    Place a check mark beside the following:
    • Save sent messages
    • Allow delivery Report
    • Allow Read report
    Set the Retrieval mode to Auto
    Set the Attempts before giving up to 3

    Tap on Servers
    Tap New
    Under Server Name enter AirtelMMS or MMS
    The Gateway should be set to
    The Port number should be set to 8799
    Enter under server address
    Under Connect Via, please choose the name of the data account created in step 6 above
    Choose 100K as the send limit
    And set the WAPVersion to WAP 2.0
    Tap Done
    Tap OK to return to SMS \ MMS

  • Vikas Jan 31, 2010 Link

    I too had a miserable experience with Airtel customer care. It worked with your settings.

  • vivek Apr 18, 2010 Link

    hii everybody dis is vivek here , i have a problem with micromax q 3 usng airtel connection, ,i m not able to send mms and email via my phone,so anybody here know the process plz do help by emailing me in, thanx

  • priya May 12, 2010 Link

    plz mujhe airtel mms setting of modle of lava A9 plz tell me urgent.

  • Seby May 18, 2010 Link

    Hi Venu,
    I have been using Airtel online since 2006. Now I got a new mobile (Micromax Q3) and Airtel sent me the Mobile Office and Airtel Live settings, but not Airtel Online. Just came here through Google looking for The settings specified by Vasu is the correct one for Airtel Online, and I have it working on my mobile now.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Anand May 19, 2010 Link

    The MMS settings are not working.
    Can you please send me these for SIM300 GSm module?

    Thanks and Regards

  • Chandrasekharan Jun 6, 2010 Link

    how can u set SmS settings in An SLVR Motorola mobile,I can receive sms But I can’t Send Them.Pl Help me.
    Thank U

  • rani sharma Aug 19, 2010 Link

    i cant send text sms from my mobile sony ericsson xperia X1i using

  • AmitGurudev Sep 5, 2010 Link

    To Activate GPRS on AriTel mobile CHHATTISGARH press *567*1# and press call button …after receiving GPRS unlimited pack msg you can use all the GPRS features

  • HOREB Nov 13, 2010 Link

    hi frendz
    can any one suggest me how to get airtel mms settings for nokia 5310

  • saran Nov 28, 2010 Link

    i don’t know how to activate mms for samsung c3010….can anyone help me pls???

  • kareena Dec 6, 2010 Link

    pleasant configuration

  • saurabh Jul 22, 2011 Link

    Hi can you please tell me how to receive mms on SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE? i just get a message saying i have received a picture and visit website to see it 🙁 please help!!!

  • Sunil Sep 7, 2011 Link


    I have Sony Ericsson Xperia Minipro SK 17, I am not able to send MMS from this mobile set, I can receive picture clearly. i also can receive video clips but in poor condition with msg ” Media objects were degraded to adapt to your device capability”. Kind tell me settings.


  • MD imran Feb 14, 2020 Link

    Airtel ka network bahut slow chal raha hai

  • Mita Dasgupta Feb 19, 2020 Link

    How can i configure mms services in my i phone 6 through my post paid airtel connection
    Lmost giving up hope after these call centres are a miserable failures in helping me
    Regards md gupta