11 Pownce Invites


When I signed up for Pownce, I had 5 invites and few days back 6 more were added. So I have a total of 11 invites to give away 🙂

I am sure most of you might have already signed up, if not leave a comment and get an invite for Pownce 🙂

Using Pownce via the Desktop software is more useful in the sense that its easy to send messages and share files/links.


Download the desktop software here and note that the application is built on Adobe AIR which can be installed from this link.

Happy “Powncing” !

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  • duskie Aug 14, 2007 Link

    Any invites left…Will return upon signing up…

  • venukb Aug 14, 2007 Link

    Duskie, I tried sending you one invite,but looks like you already managed to get hold of one 🙂