Digg on Safari


Every now and then when I get bored with browsing on Firefox, I switch to Safari and the one thing I like in this browser is the rendering of web pages. Each site looks different and nice :).

Today I was trying to login to Digg and I found that the login form just wouldn’t show up in the Safari Browser.

When you click on the the login link, the form pops down from the top of the header.


For some reason on Safari, the header does expand to accommodate the login form, but the text boxes which accept the user name and password never show up !!!


I am no web developer and I’m not sure if the problem is caused by the world’s best browser or Digg. (Safari is supposedly the only browser supporting 18 of the 19 CSS 3 Styles !!)

So if you are on Apple’s Safari, no DIGG for you ! Almost !

The only way to login is to click on the “Submit a new story” link after which you need to do an additional click to go the home page 🙂


Digg just confirmed that its not the problem with their site and its due to the browser i.e. Safari