Tabbed Windows Console

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If you are used to a tabbed browser or a tabbed text editor you would also love a tabbed Windows console. As we all know the windows console isn’t the prettiest of the applications nor its usable when it comes to selecting text or pasting text. (I am not sure if the console application has been improved on Windows Vista)

The Console project on is one handy application if you use the windows console a lot. Features include

  • Multiple Tabs
  • Text Editor like Text Selection
  • Customizable console – You can configure the background color, image and transparency levels
  • Keyboard shortcuts – If you are keyboard junkie, you would appreciate this feature too 🙂

One of the nice things about this console application is that you could configure multiple console types defining a custom look and feel for each of them. The keyboard shortcut can then be used to create a new console of your choice.

console3 console4

If you are looking for a similar tabbed Telnet/SSH console checkout Poderosa which is a nice but not stable alternative to Putty.