Setup ActiveSync via Bluetooth

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ActiveSync, a synchronization program developed by Microsoft allows a mobile device to be synchronized with a Desktop PC. Other than syncing your contacts, calendar, tasks and notes you can also sync the Emails on the Exchange server.

ActiveSync also allows you to

  1. Copy files between PC and the Mobile Device
  2. Install/Uninstall Mobile Applications

bluetooth1ActiveSync can also be used to connect to a network or Internet. The connected device can use the computer’s network connection as if it were its own. You can use this feature to perform tasks such as downloading non-Outlook e-mail messages or to browse the Internet.

The above feature was the primary reason I wanted to setup a ActiveSync partnership via Bluetooth on my HTC Touch Smartphone. The device did have Wi-Fi capabilities;however the minute I turned it on, it used to suck the handset battery big time !

Fortunately Bluetooth wasn’t that damaging on the battery and hence is an ideal way to sync with your PC and also happens to be the best way to connect to Internet as well !!

Here is a step by step guide to setup ActiveSync via Bluetooth

(Note that the snapshots and features correspond to ActiveSync 4.5 and a Windows Mobile 6 powered Device)

  1. Setup a Bluetooth partnership between the device and PC
    I am not going to write in detail about this step. The above process essentially involves turning on the Bluetooth on both your PC and Handset, making them discoverable and adding the Bluetooth device to the “Devices” list. Optionally you can also setup a secure partnership by associating a passkey.
  2. Add Incoming Bluetooth COM port on your PC
    The Bluetooth Settings on your PC has a tab to configure the Bluetooth COM ports. Add one Incoming port (device initiates the connection) as shown below
  3. Set the Bluetooth COM port in the ActiveSync connection settings dialog.
  4. On your Handset go to Start -> Settings -> Connections -> Bluetooth
  5. Your PC should be listed in the Devices Tab (If step 1 was successfully done)
  6. Click on the PC device in the list to open the “Partnership Settings” screen. After clicking on the “Refresh” button, you should see a “ActiveSync” service listed as shown below
  7. Open ActiveSync on your Mobile Device : Start -> Programs -> ActiveSync
  8. Click on Menu -> Connect via Bluetooth ! If the ActiveSync partnership has been configure properly as described above, you should see activity on ActiveSync running both on PC and the mobile device. If your PC is connected to the Internet, the same will also be used by your Bluetooth connected mobile device.

If you had any trouble getting the ActiveSync to work via Bluetooth, feel free to raise the issue in the comments section 🙂

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  • Ankur Gupta Aug 13, 2007 Link


    I followed your instructions as soon as i click connect via bluetooth my laptop tells me device connected to serial port service. Activesync starts showing connecting. and then it shows not connected and blue soliel says device disconnected from serial port.

  • venukb Aug 15, 2007 Link

    Ankur, have you once done a sync using the USB
    cable ?

    Also see that the ports created using your laptop don’t clash with the already existing ports.

  • Atoren Aug 17, 2007 Link

    Hi, I’m using smart phone Samsung i607. I’m trying to connect the phone to my computer with a Bluetooth connection. I’m getting a com port higher then 20. On my mobile Bluetooth settings I can’t use com port higher then 9 (from 0 to 9).
    How I can set a com port on my pc less then 10.


  • Dan Robinson Aug 28, 2007 Link

    Hi there,
    Thank you for the info about bluetooth sync. Unfortunately I’m still having difficulties. I’ve tried several things. Uninstalling Activesync, updating from 4.2 to 4.5. uninstalling bluetooth drivers. Changing the com ports in Device manager.
    I’ve tried everything but everytime I go into the Device Tab in my bluetooth setting on my Mobile device, I click on the partnership with the PC, click refresh and it only gives me the option for serial port not for activesync. I’ve spent so long on this and I’m about to through my bluetooth dongle out of the window. Any clues would be so appreciated!!!
    Kind Regards


  • Venu Aug 28, 2007 Link

    Dan I am suspecting that the ActiveSync service hasn’t properly opened the bluetooth port.

    On your desktops bluetooth manager add an “Incoming port”
    In the activesync select the selected port and a refresh on device should show up the ActiveSync service.

    If it still doesn’t show up try this, its wierd but I do it when activesync doesnt work.

    I open the ActiveSync connection settings, and uncheck the COM port connection. Press Ok. Now again click on the connection setting and check the COM check box (selecting the right bluetooth) COM port. Press OK and try refreshing in the device.

    • TomKemper Nov 8, 2010 Link

      Thanks for you info – this step helped me to finally connect after trying for 2 hours.

  • Dan Aug 28, 2007 Link

    Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate your time. However…regretably, the device still does not recognise activesync when I refresh it. It’s only showing the serial port tick box. I’m lost!!!

    Any clues?…New device…new PC…always and fun option!!!

    Kind Regards

  • carlosp_uk Sep 3, 2007 Link

    Just a tip for anyone struggling – make sure that you set up your bluetooth COM ports BEFORE you pair the devices… …otherwise, your pocket PC won’t give you the option to use the ‘Activesync’ service!

    Took me a few goes to work this out!

  • Venu Sep 3, 2007 Link

    Carlos, thanks for that pointer. I don’t remember exactly if I added the port before or after pairing the devices.

    Dan, let me know if the tip suggested by Carlos works. If yes, I need to update this post 🙂

  • Dan Sep 3, 2007 Link

    Hi again guys.

    I’ve tried removing all partnerships and starting with the com ports, but it still doesn’t give me the activesync option…only the serial port option. I’ve also tried adding different com ports in case it’s something to do with that. I went from com 3 to com 7. Tried all of those but still won’t give me the activesync option.

    I think I’m close to giving up!!!

    But I do really appreciate your advice and suggestions. Thank you very much.


  • carlosp_uk Sep 3, 2007 Link

    Dan, here’s how I did it:

    1. Make sure you’ve got the very latest build version of Activesync. (I’m on 4.5)
    2. Make sure you have ALREADY SYNCED USING USB between the two devices.
    3. Delete all existing partnerships from your phone and your PC.
    4. Reboot both devices.
    5. On your PC, in your bluetooth settings, make sure that you have added an Incoming COM port. Make a note of the port number, e.g. COM18.
    6. In Activesync, go to Connection Settings and make sure that you check the box marked “Allow connections to one of the following:” – and in the drop-down list, select your incoming bluetooth COM port from step 4.
    7. Click OK.
    8. Set your PC bluetooth mode to discoverable.
    9. On your phone, go to Activesync, in the menu choose “Connect Via Bluetooth”, then when the message box pops up, choose “Yes” to go to the bluetooth settings screen. Click Devices > Add a new device, choose your PC when it comes up, and HOPEFULLY you should now have the option to use the ‘Activesync’ service!

    Good luck.

  • Simon Sep 4, 2007 Link

    Carlos, thanks for your latest post. I had got the USB synch to work initially, removed all partnerships, rebooted both devices, added COM port (COM 8), selected it in ActiveSynch, set pc to discoverable and then paired via phone. After a refresh, it did indeed come up with the Active Synch service on the phone. All good so far as the tips before your post had not worked up until now!
    Right, then save the settings, add try and run ActiveSynch and it comes up with an Attention error the phone saying that the ports couldn’t be opened….
    Any further ideas?

  • carlosp_uk Sep 4, 2007 Link

    Hmm… …sounds like ActiveSync on your PC isn’t accepting the connection. Try re-starting your PC and go to Activesync -> Connection settings, to see if it is still marked “Allow connections to one of the following:â€? – with COM8 in the drop-down menu highlighted.

    Also, silly question, but have you also turned on Bluetooth on your phone and PC?

    If not, I’m afraid that, not being at your location, I can’t help you any more. But do keep trying – it can be a pig to get it to work, but once it’s working it tends to stay that way.


  • Simon Sep 4, 2007 Link

    Hi again Carlos.

    In answer to your question, yep, have turned on both Bluetooth on PC and phone. They can see each other (!) but when I try and synchronise I get the following error message:

    “Port not available: Cannot communicate with the PC because the port is not available. Another program may be using the the port, or it may not be valid. Close any programs that use the port, restart the device and try again. ”

    I have also just restarted the pc and indeed the option to select COM8 (as previously created) is no longer there on the PC in Active Sync. I will try again and see what happens, following your instructions above, removing pairing etc. and let you know. Thanks,

  • Simon Sep 4, 2007 Link

    Hi again Carlos, reconfigured everything again and no luck. Still has the same error message. Is there anything I can check?
    At worst I can still synch via the USB cable but it seems to stop me using the internet….
    Another question there in lies I guess – why does it do this? I guess the device is using the pc internet to connect and hence fighting with my pc for control over the internet? Any ideas how to set this? Thanks

  • Vineet Akre Sep 10, 2007 Link

    thanx a lot for the info on sync over bluetooth. i tried the same and was successful in the first attempt for the HTC touch. thanx again.
    Vineet Akre

  • Fastmack Sep 12, 2007 Link

    Venukb, thanks SO MUCH for posting your article. I had to do a bunch of looking around to finally get my setup to work, but I did. I’m not sure if this helps anyone else, but I had to go into

    My Bluetooth Places >> My Device

    Then find My Bluetooth Serial Port and change it from disabled (default) to enabled. Once enabled it showed COM3, then I was able to match the COM3 on the phone, and things worked flawlessly from there. Just mentioning it in the hopes it may help someone else.

    [Logitech Bluetooth hub (mx900 mouse) and UT Starcom 6700 phone.]

  • Venu Sep 12, 2007 Link

    Vineet/Mack, glad that you guys got it working. Simon, please check if Fastmacks suggestion will help you in resolving your COM port issue

  • Marc Oct 19, 2007 Link

    Hi Venu,
    I am having the same problem and tried to follow the delailed instructions, but somehow windows vista doesn’t run ActiveSync anymore…Now it is called sync center (windows mobile device center)…
    I created a new COM port and followed the steps, but I keep getting the same error over and over that tells me “cannot find and existing Bluetooth pasrtnership with a pc that supports ActiveSync, would you like to set up a partnership now?”.
    Please, help me out on this one!! thank you!

  • venukb Oct 19, 2007 Link

    Hi Marc,
    I also recently upgraded(2 days back) to Vista and I was trying yesterday to sync via bluetooth and faced the same problem. I will let you know once I find the solution 🙂

  • Manu Gupta Oct 22, 2007 Link


    I have recently bouth HTC Touch Phone.

    Initially it was set to save camera pictures to the Photos directory, but I was able to change it to a folder in the storage card.

    I want to do the same for Bluetooth exchange, but I am unable to do so.

    Please help, because, when I want to transfer larger files, it doesn’t allow me to do so, saying you don’t have enough memory required for the transfer.


  • venukb Oct 28, 2007 Link

    If you still have trouble syncing with Vista, check this new article on my weblog.

  • Zac Dec 3, 2007 Link

    First off, thank you to everyone who posted their advice. I had the same problem and it helped correct it. I am new to bluetooth and connection between my pda and computer. So here’s a silly question –

    Now that I’ve got my pda and computer communicating, will they always communicate, or do I have to reestablish a connection each time I want to sync the two and while connected, is my pda using my computer’s wifi to get email or am I using my carrier’s data service?

    I have the HTC s640 and it’s got wifi and I have read that you can use bluetooth to connect the pda to wifi to keep your data costs down.

    Any clarification would be appreciated.


  • venukb Dec 21, 2007 Link

    zac, sorry for the late reply. You don’t need to re establish connection every time. At max you might toggle the bluetooth adapter(on/off), however once you switch it on, all you need to do is to ask activesync connect via bluetooth to your PC.

    And yes since wifi sucks battery big time, it makes more sense to use bluetooth

  • Zacatti Dec 21, 2007 Link

    Thanks for the reply!

    Second question – since Wifi sucks up battery power, if I keep my pda connected to my pc via bluetooth, does that mean I can surf the web on my pda via that bluetooth connection?

    Thanks again!


  • Sougandh Dec 24, 2007 Link

    Hi Carlos
    thanks for the steps.. i followed them exactly and it worked like charm.. i am using at&t tilt (HTC). I would like to mention one point here for tilt users.

    I initially had a lot of problems connecting with activesync over USB (let alone bluetooth and when i tried to connect with bluetooth i used to get the message like port is being used by some other program or port not available message). I reinstalled activesync software hundred times but it did not work. The final way i could connect is:

    In the settings>connections> USB to PC> i UNCHECKED the box saying ‘enable advanced network functionality’.

    I dont know what this feature is for but when i disabled it, everything is straight forward. I first activesynced with my PC using USB and then i followed the steps by carlos..

    But my final quest of connecting the using my tilt as a GPS receiver and syncing it with the GPS software (either via bluetooth or usb) installed on my laptop (microsoft streets and trips 2007) is not achieved yet. If anyone knows any forums where a similar topic is being discussed let me know.

  • Nuno Jan 10, 2008 Link


    this article worked fine with me with the new htc touch cruise. However it only works once. Yesterday night it worked ok, but today is getting the error “Port not available: Cannot communicate with the PC because the port is not available. Another program may be using the the port, or it may not be valid. Close any programs that use the port, restart the device and try again. �. Yesterday morning it also happened. I have to remove all the configurations, I reconfigure it again, and it will work. Can you help?

    Thanks. Nuno

  • venukb Jan 10, 2008 Link

    Nuno, please check if this link helps

  • Czaneil Johnson Jan 11, 2008 Link

    hi Venukb, i have setup my bluetooth connection on my HTC touch and it is working perfectly fine wherein i can copy files to and from my laptop and device, now the problem is iam not able to do activesync through bluetooth(activesync showed up on my partnership settings and i have checked the option while setting up bluetooth) it gives a pop up box mentioning that it cannot find an existing bluetooth partnership with a PC that supports activesync and gives me options to set up a partnership which then takes to me the screen where it searches for new devices and my laptop is listed there. activesync works absolutely fine when i use the USB cable, pls advice how to rectify this issue. also can i connect to the internet when iam connected thru a USB cable?


    • Gopal Jul 6, 2010 Link

      Hi Venu,

      i have got a problem when tried to follow your procedure to bluetooth active sync actually mt COM port # is not listed in the Active sync connection setting

      thanks in advance


  • Gabriel Feb 15, 2008 Link

    uhmmm hi to everyone i just wanna as k if thieres a way to sync my xdaII using bluetooth?…actualy i’ve already read all of this stuff but my phone is not WM6 if im not mistaken its WM2003..anyone can help me step by step?…please thanks a lot..

  • venukb Feb 17, 2008 Link

    Czaneil, while setting up the bluetooth connection, you should see “Activesync” service being displayed (picture shown below).


    And you have to check this service to enable activesynch over bluetooth.

    Gabriel, I am not sure about WM2003, if the activesync on the PC support connection via bluetooth, the above steps should work..

  • Snads Mar 19, 2008 Link

    Hi – I cannot get it to work either – when I try and add an incoming COM port to the bluetooth device on my PC it won’t let me. When i go to my HTC device and refresh the bluetooth device i get a popup on the PC that says that the device is connected to the active sync service on COM5 – this is so frustrating and is making me wish I never got the HTC device – should be soooo simpole to setup and it is not…..

  • venukb Mar 23, 2008 Link

    Snads, I have found out that most of the readers of this post skip step 1 of this tutorial.

    You first need to setup a working bluetooth partnership between your PC and the mobile.
    (Try also sending files either way to test the bluetooth connection).

    After that if you start ActiveSync you should see it as a service when you refresh on the mobile device..try again and let me know how it goes…

  • XTREEM|RAGE Apr 13, 2008 Link

    This tip really helped me!! because i couldnt connect through USB, it couldnt find mine HTC cruise. But i have managed to get it to work with bluetooth with this tip ofcourse :D.


  • XTREEM|RAGE Apr 13, 2008 Link

    Bah bluetooth crashed and now i cant connect anymore. Mine handheld dont see ActiveSync any more. Only serialport…ffs I hate winxp plus this shit >_<

  • venukb Apr 13, 2008 Link

    I believe you should always try the bluetooth approach after setting up the USB sync properly !

    Any reason the USB approach did not work in the first place; I guess once its fixed, you should have no problems syncing via bluetooth.

  • Atul Apr 14, 2008 Link

    Thanks a lot for the Detailed step by step instructions, they worked flawlessly.
    p.s. if anyone is having problems with their bluetooth dongle not getting recognized in windows xp sp2 try this link

  • Steve Apr 15, 2008 Link

    I struggled with this for a week or so – I uninstalled the enhanced data rate options for Bluetooth on my IBM laptop and hey presto – worked first time.

  • Dave Apr 24, 2008 Link

    Hi! Your article looks very concise and helpful but unfortunetly for me nothing so far has worked. I’m pretty embarrassed as I do computer consulting for a living and I am stumped on this! I have a Dell laptop with WDCOMM Bluetooth software controlling a Dell 355 Bluetooth module. I currently print to a bluetooth printer everyday with no issues. My bluetooth configuration is as follows: I have a tab called “Local Services” and another “Client Applications”. I chose “Add Serial Device” in the “Local Services” section and have successfully added a “Bluetooth Serial Port” using COM 12. In ActiveSync I have selected COM12 as well. However, on my HTC Touch PDA when I choose my laptop and then “refresh” the services I only get “Serial Port” as an option. I’ve heard that this is supposed to change to “ActiveSync” but I’ve never had it work. Another weird thing is that I can never pair devices from my PDA but only from the laptop. When I try pair them from the PDA it asks for the security code and then gives an error saying it could connect or the security code is incorrect. Thanks for any help!! 🙂

  • Neil Apr 25, 2008 Link

    I have the same problem as Dave. I have had activesync appear on the “Partnership Settings” on the Touch Cruise once. At which point I successfully managed to sync everything. Since a reboot to the pc, I have never again managed to get it to work, despite trying pretty much every config under the sun. Whenever I try and re-pair the pc to the touch, all I can see are Serial Port & Wireless stereo. Why has active sync gone and serial port appeared?

  • venukb Apr 28, 2008 Link

    Everything that you have done to setup bluetooth looks fine. Once you create a new incoming port and set it on Activesync, delete the partnership with the device. (Optionally restart the system/activesync) and see that COM port is still set to what you had assigned.

    Enable bluetooth on the device, make it discoverable and initiate a device search from your laptop. This time you should see “ActiveSync”. Also do try opening activesync on the device and select “Connect via bluetooth” option.

    Regarding pairing from device, I am not sure what passcode you are entering. For any pairing the passcode has to be entered on both devices, so if you input on the device, you should be prompted to enter the same on the laptop.

    Did the COM ports change on ActiveSync after restart ? It shouldn’t, if the activesync is not being shown as service, its either because the service is not running or corrupted. You can try reinstalling ActiveSync

  • Dave Apr 29, 2008 Link

    Thanks for the help Venukb, but I still only see the “serial port” option in the services I can use from my laptop. When you say “delete the partnership with the device” I’m assuming you mean to unpair it right?–you dont’ mean the “partnership” with ActiveSync because I can only get that working with a usb connection.

    About the invalid passcode issue when pairing, it seems that I can only initiate the pairing from the laptop, not the phone, otherwise I get the passcode error…not that it’s a big deal if I can’ iniate from the phone because they do get paired regardless.

    I have uninstalled ActiveSync and reinstalled as well.

  • Davey Munroe Apr 30, 2008 Link

    If I were you I would look at the drivers on your laptop/PC – uninstall all but the basic Bluetooth drivers – ESPECIALLY uninstall anything that mentions “enhanced data rate” – it screws up Bluetooth sync. bigtime.

  • venukb May 2, 2008 Link

    Davey, I am assuming that you are referring to Dave’s problem. Thanks for the suggestion.
    I too sent a forum thread which suggested uninstalling the bluetooth drivers.

    In Dave’s case, the non ability to pair from the device might also be the reason for activesync issue !

    Dave, let us know if you get it fixed by any other method.

  • Dave May 7, 2008 Link

    Yeah I was hoping I didn’t have to uninstall all the drivers as I remember it was a PITA to setup as the Dell ones for some reason didn’t work and I had to use WIDCOMM drivers instead–also I have been using a bluetooth printer for over half a year now with no issues and I didn’t want to mess that up as I use it a lot every day for invoicing. But I guess I could try it 🙁

  • Daniel Brasil May 22, 2008 Link

    Thanks…. I got my HTC Touch 2 days ago and was driving me crazy not being able to connect ActiveSync through bluetooth… They should have done this setup easier… But now I am set, thanks to your instructions. Later…

  • Dion Jun 30, 2008 Link

    Hi, I’ve tried to set up the bluetooth connection on my okta (htc) touch & laptop and believe i’ve done everything, including ticking the Activesync box. I can see and get access to my laptop but when I try to use activesync over the bluetooth it just says that it cant find an existing bluetooth partnership with a pc that supports activesync. I can sync fine over the usb cable.

  • Rafael Lozano Aug 28, 2008 Link

    Thanks everyone for the tips about pairing devices and using ActiveSync. After many test I realized and confirmed that the reason why “ActiveSync” service did not appear in my PDA as available in my Laptop, is that I DID NOT HAVE THE PDA BLUETOOTH AS DISCOVERABLE. Changed it to DISCOVERABLE and VOILA. WORKED

  • Bill Oct 8, 2008 Link

    I have tried everything suggested here. When I get to the “Select Services” screen I still have zero options to choose from. I have a verizon XV6800 with Activesync 4.5 and pairing is not a problem. Why do I still have no service options to choose from?

  • dejan rankovi? Oct 9, 2008 Link

    hi Dan! I found solution. you can t see active sync becouse you changed your device name before, I am sure. so you have to do these steps: first uninstall all comports and do hard resoft of your device (you have it in settings and save your files before!!!) when win mobil start give a name and never change it. next steps are in this page on the top. it will work by!!!! Dejan from Belgrade in Serbia

  • Blakicon Nov 13, 2008 Link

    DUDE!!!! THANK U VERY MUCH MAN!!!! I BEEN TRYN TO PUT THIS TOGETHER FOR THE LAST COUPLE DAY!!… i got the same fone so it work… no problems @ all… much luv man!

  • s Jan 8, 2009 Link

    thank you

  • Chris Jan 17, 2009 Link

    my MSI wind doesn’t have the option menu as described in step two, are there any other ways to do it?

  • venukb Jan 28, 2009 Link

    Glad the post was of some help

    I didn’t get what you meant by MSI wind ? Are you referring to a bluetooth device installed on your PC?

  • MEL Feb 12, 2009 Link

    I am having a similar problem. I cannot get the virtual port that I created to show up in the active sync connection. I have reinstalled active sync a dozen times but the only com ports that show are 1 and 3

  • Murali Jun 14, 2009 Link

    At last I got it right. Now I am able to communicate between by blue tooth enabled window mobile 6 cell phone and laptop pc. I am able to use the internet ( my laptop is connected to net via cable) in my cell phone through blue tooth. I am having active sync 4.5.
    The following are the steps I have done.

    I have gone to the active devices in my blue tooth devices in range in blue tooth places in my PC. Unpaired the earlier pairings and removed the devices from the list.
    The same steps I have repeated in my hand set also. Now there is no connection between by PC and Handset.
    I have configured my PC bluetooth settings for the following
    1) my pc is discoverable and selected allow all the devices to connect my PC under accessibility,
    2) Under local services, I have got one more port added as Com6 (Service name : Active sync)
    Again I have gone back and serched for devices in range. (before that I have made sure that my blue tooth is on and my device is discoverable). I have found my hand set shortly in the list (in fact the only one in the list)
    I have paired the devices by right clicking pairing option. It asked for the pass key and I entered 12345 then clicked next. After that I have seen a pop up message in my hand set whether to accept the connection. I said yes. With in few seconds, my hand set and laptop pc is paired.
    Next I have gone to active sync short cut in my hand set and clicked. I have used the option “connect via blue tooth”. In the services options I have seen active sync as one of the options. I checked only that.
    Finished…Now I am connected through active sync through blue tooth. In my PC active sync had given a system beep and immediately started synchronizing.
    In between I have downloaded .NET Compact Framework 3.5 and installed through my PC before started synchronizing through blue tooth. I dont know whether it is actually required or not.

    I am happy if any body get their problem sortedout the above steps.


  • Shant Jul 10, 2009 Link

    Murali – GENIUS, well done matey…IT WORKED!!!!

  • dark17 Aug 17, 2009 Link


    I’d like to know if is there a way to detect my bluetooth automatically after turn on MC 3000 symbol and it detect a printer.

    thanks alot

  • jonboink Dec 21, 2009 Link

    I have active sync set up on my computer and phone.
    on my phone the only connection that shows up is usb cable and does not show the option to connect via bluetooth.
    Is there a way to do that?

  • boink Jan 22, 2010 Link

    i have activesync 4.5 on my computer. but on the mobile phone. there is no connect bluetooth setting at all.

  • raghu Apr 8, 2010 Link

    Dear freinds,
    I have a problem to sync my mobile to the Laptop has i am using window7 OS so there is no windows 7 enabled sync driver available if somebody knows the link for the active sync please forward it to me. The windows mobile device centre can only sync with Vista OS

  • Kolo Sep 7, 2010 Link

    Hello thank for the post,am still having problem.I am using palm treo phone is not see the activesync even when i have refreshed it.
    its not see any service at all.i have tried it times without numbers but to no avail.Pls help i need this connection badly.

  • hemant Dec 17, 2010 Link


    I tried to connect the mobile (HTC HD T8282) with Pc but when i refresh the button but i could not see the Active sync service in my mobile but i could see the \serial port\ menu with this i could not connect it… any idea?

  • C-P Jan 7, 2011 Link

    Hello friends,

    I have the same problem that czaneil and dave and dion have. I have synced my HTC touch via USB before and already have 2 partnerships (1 with Win XP SP3 and 1 with Win 7) no problem with USB. Then I got a bluetooth dongle for my Win 7 laptop and it finds the cellphone very fine. I can send and receive files from laptop to cellphone via bluetooth manually. Active sync 4.5 finds bluetooth device and I check the active sync box.

    BUT when I try to sync, HTC phone says that it can’t find an existing bluetooth partnership with a pc that supports activesync. It asks me if I want to set up a partnership. When I say yes it takes me to the bluetooth setup which I have already set. (Under “allow connections to one of the following” when I try COM4 instead of bluetooth option, it doesn’t give me active sync service instead will give me serial port).

    I don’t see any bluetooth enhancing in the control panel to turn off.

    Can anyone help? Thank you

  • Probudha Apr 26, 2011 Link

    Hi Venu,

    I tried a lot for a long time but was not able to connect windows mobile device centre with my HTC touch. Finally, after following your guidlines and doing some modification, I’m able to connect. I faced some problem with COM4, so, I chose COM5 and it worked fine.

    Anyway, thanks a ton!!!!!!!

  • manhab May 28, 2011 Link

    thanks thanks help me
    thank you

  • sunil Jul 21, 2011 Link

    htc p3300 can conect using usb cable to my dell e6410 laptop running active sync 4.5. but my htc p3300 cannot connect to the laptop using bluetooth…it does not show activesync as an option for “select services to use from this device” but only shows wireless sterio ,serial port and headset services options but no activesync option …..moreover a partnership is created using bluetooth and can send/receive files to and fro from laptop/htc p3300….tried hard resetting htc and on/off laptop several times…..reinstalled million times the activesync …but problem still persists….kindly help in getting the problem resolved

  • sunil Oct 9, 2011 Link

    continues….tried regedit and deleting of all the earlier bluetooth com ports in (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Hardware\DeviceMap\SerialComm) and putting condb but that did not help either….i am about to throw this BTW HTC p3300 mobile phone in dustbin as gone nuts handling the virtual com ports which makes life miserable

  • sergio Jun 2, 2012 Link


  • Blubberfish Jun 27, 2012 Link

    have you ever treid to install the Bluetooth-Plugin
    from a Setup-CD of a Palm-Device ?
    Yes, right… there is a PLUGIN for that.
    So i DON’T have to install a virtual COM-Port on my Computer.
    It makes ActiveSync in XP to show a “Bluetooth” Option
    under the “Allow Connections from”-Menu.
    I’ve uploaded the Plugin to my FTP-Server.
    Just install, log off and log on to your XP
    and select “Bluetooth” in ActiveSync on your Computer.
    And just to avoid conflicts, delete the COM-Port
    that you have used before for connecting via Bluetooth.