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The camera on my old Sony Ericsson T630 was totally hopeless. Also the amount of memory was so low that after every few photos, I had to move it out to make some space for new ones.

However the same is not true with my new HTC Touch. The 2MP camera doesn’t take the best of the pictures but its a very handy feature to have in a mobile device. The 1GB memory does take care of storing the photos for a long time.

(God! I am talking about HTC so much these days; For those who are bored with these HTC posts, please bear with me 🙂 )

Here is a look at the HTC Camera Interface:


You can set the resolution for the photos and set white balance depending on the lighting conditions. The max 2M resolution setting has a image output with resolution of 1600*1200 which isn’t too bad and the photos were definitely worth uploading to my Flickr Account

One of the mobile tools recommended by Flickr is Shozu. Also I had seen Scoble using this service extensively to upload the photos taken on his Nokia N95 !


  1. Sign-up/Register on Shozu
  2. Select your mobile device (List of Compatible phones)
  3. Once you complete the registration, a SMS will be sent with a link pointing to the Shozu application which is compatible with your mobile device.

Shozu on Windows Mobile 6

Shozu isn’t the easiest of applications to use; However it does accomplish the task of uploading and tagging your photos. Here are few screenshots of Shozu User Interface.

shozu1 shozu2

As you can note from the above screenshots, Flickr isn’t the only destination for your camera photos. You can upload to a host of locations including Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, Webshots, FTP site etc.


And its not just photos, you can even upload videos and backup your contacts with Shozu!! With Shozu application installed on your mobile device, you don’t have to copy the photos to a intermediate location like your PC.

Checkout some of the photos taken on HTC and uploaded via Shozu here !

Do you use your camera phone to take pictures ? How do you copy/archive/upload these pictures ?

Try Shozu

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  • VVS Aug 20, 2007 Link

    Hi Venu,

    This is a very generic comment. I always admire/envy your blog. This is because of the reason that your blog will be full of technical and non-technical stuff. The reason that i envy your blog is that I always think of doing something like this, which i can start with at any point in time. But i don’t know is it by virtue or my laziness, that i haven’t started one such till now.

    Finally I’m happy that I have one good inspiration to start with at any point of time. Hope I’ll start one such blog at some point of time which will actually quench my longing thirst of doing something like this.

    V V S

  • venukb Aug 20, 2007 Link

    Guess the thing holding you was the internet connection and now since you have got it, its high time you started a weblog of your own and share useful information 🙂

  • Mark Jambas Sep 5, 2007 Link

    Hey there,
    Glad to see you’re having fun with ShoZu 🙂 I see you’ve sent up a lot of pics now, welcome to the ShoZu community!

    Mark (ShoZu)

  • venukb Sep 5, 2007 Link

    Mark, Honestly Shozu is one of the reasons I gladly use my cameraphone instead of my canon digital camera.

    Its so easy to click and upload pictures. Thanks for the great app.