Currports – View active TCP/UDP ports

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The other day one of the application server wouldn’t start up because of a required port being used by another application. This, I am sure is of the common problem faced by many developers 🙂

The task manager in Windows shows only the active processes and gives no detail on the ports opened by these processes. One of the ways to find the process using a port of your interest is to use the netstat command.

The netstat command on windows can be used to list the TCP connections, ports on which the computer is listening, Ethernet statistics, the IP routing table etc.

The netsat -b option can be used to list the process name that is using a port. (Not sure why this option is not mentioned in the Microsoft Documentation)


However the command is so slow that you could probably restart windows couple of times !

(On Linux/Unix use nestat -p to list the processes names along with the list of active TCP/UDP ports)

Currports is a stand-alone application that doesn’t require any installation process or any additional DLLs. The cports.exe executable can be run from any location including your USB drive.

The following snapshot pretty much summarizes the features available on Currports !


If there are better alternative applications, please feel free to suggest the same.

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  • TipsoSaurus Aug 24, 2007 Link

    nice find venu, I’m sure that this software can help in finding stupid viruses or spywares.

  • Venu Aug 27, 2007 Link

    Thanks mayank, finding virues might be a daunting task with this tool/we should be relying more the anti-virus s/w 🙂

  • anonymous Aug 28, 2007 Link

    Try netstat -bn. The command ain’t slow, just the defaults cause name resolutin which slows it up.