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I haven’t written a post in the past 10 days and many of my friends including some readers started pinging me to check on my status 🙂

I am very much alive, only that I was caught up with a little work and also decided to take some time off 😀

FeedDemon, the RSS reader that I use, was filled up with so many new posts !! I was forced to use the “Mark Folder Read” option for most of RSS folders. However I did a quick check on India Technology Bloggers feed and got myself updated with the latest happenings in the tech world. (Thanks to QOT for staring this network, its really useful)

Orkut seems to have got a face-lift; It looks only like a CSS update (with rounded corners/use of “blue” color/new icons). Not sure, if Orkut team read one of my earlier post, but they do seem to have finally started an official blog on June 25.

Other than this:

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  • TipsoSaurus Aug 28, 2007 Link

    Hey Venu!

    Thanks a lot for the link back and Guess what I found lot of new things in these links. Kyle’s link was really helpful.

  • Vasuki Aug 28, 2007 Link

    I was guessing that you were busy counting the money you are making from ads 😉
    I agree that if you have subscribed to a lot of feeds, it takes a substantial amount of your time!

  • Kyle Eslick Aug 28, 2007 Link

    Welcome back!!

  • TheAnand Aug 28, 2007 Link

    I was thinking that you got busy with the htc posts!!! Good to have you back too. . .I wanted to ask, did this have an effect on your blogs traffic?

  • Venu Aug 28, 2007 Link

    @Vasu, hope such a day comes soon when I will spend time dropping off the Ad cheques 🙂

    Anand, I see that you also came back from a break :). Traffic was normal and didn’t change much only that Alexa didn’t like it much I guess. I had a 5K drop in ranking

  • Shankar Ganesh Aug 29, 2007 Link

    Hey Venu,

    Glad to see you back. Wish you had more time for blogging 🙂

  • Vijay Aug 29, 2007 Link

    Thanks a bunch for the linkback, Venu! Nice to see that you are back blogging 😉

  • Madhur Kapoor Aug 29, 2007 Link

    Thanks for the link love buddy

  • V V S Aug 29, 2007 Link

    Hi Venu,

    Nice to see you catching up with you blogging. Thanks for your comment on my blog as well.

    I don’t know if I’m right in this comment but now-a-days your current blog theme seems to be opening pretty slowly when compared to the previous blog theme. I have a 256 kbps airtel broadband which will have about 186 kbps roughly on an average.

    When compared to other blogs of your friends, your blog seems to be a bit sluggish and navigating to other categories also takes time. If I’m right in saying this do check it up and catch up in the speed as well. If I’m wrong in this, please ignore. 🙂

  • TheAnand Aug 29, 2007 Link

    Hmm VVS, I was thinking the same too, also the freeze on submitting new comment is there once in a while. One thing I would suggest is to use the Arabian Sea theme. 😀 Yea, I am suggesting it since I made it 😉

  • venukb Aug 29, 2007 Link

    VVS/Anand, its go to do more with Dreamhost ! Its having too many problems off late ! Yesterday the site was down for one complete hour.

    Guess should shift to a better hosting next year. By the way the “amazing” traffic on my site could also be the reason for the site being slow 😀

    Anand, will definitely test out your theme 😀

  • TheAnand Aug 29, 2007 Link

    hehe, did you pay for hosting yearly? I would put a “watch this space” on hostmonster. I moved all my sites to them recently..pretty good support and stuff.

  • V V S Aug 31, 2007 Link

    Hey Venu,

    But that’s a nice disguise to say that your site is facing heavy traffic for being slow. I like your way of expressing even the hardest things 🙂

  • Nirmal Aug 31, 2007 Link

    Thanks for the mention. 🙂