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The default calculator that comes bundled with Windows Mobile 6 isn’t made for touch phones. Also the application hasn’t received an upgrade from a long time. Even my 5 year old Casio Pocket PC is running the same calculator application !



gCalc is a simple calculator application which works great on a touch based phone and  is also good for one-hand use. The operator dial pad saves you the trouble of searching operators while doing the calculations.



The user interface looks so much better compared to the dull interface of the default application. And if you are still not impressed by the UI, gCalc developer has made the application skinnable 🙂

gCalc with ClownFish Skin


The theme change has to be done using the About option ! You can find more details on gCalc here.

Download gCalc for Pocket PC and Smartphone

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  • Harish Sep 2, 2007 Link

    I see you have started branding your photos

  • Venu Sep 3, 2007 Link

    Yup Its little annoying but useful in attaching a “license” for the snapshot 🙂

  • Raj Sep 5, 2007 Link

    Hey, thats one good-looking calc! 🙂

  • venukb Sep 6, 2007 Link

    Raj, it is a good looking and better than the default app. Meanwhile do let me know if you have installed any useful app on your HTC Touch 🙂

  • Qdoos Sep 9, 2007 Link

    Thats handy! Thanks!

  • mohanherle Sep 10, 2007 Link

    gCalc was around from very longtime. There is a version for smartphones as well to which I was addicted earlier (on a O2). Microsoft should see,learn and improve their products.