Indiatimes Mail !


Check out this ad for the new “futuristic”, “user friendly” email from Indiatimes

After seeing this ad and many other marketing campaigns on print from Indiatimes, I was tempted to checkout what was “futuristic” in this E-Mail service. After reading the “Features” page (which had so many typographical errors) and after seeing the pathetic login page, I just closed the web page.

This is what the Dinesh Wadhawan, MD of Times Internet had to say about Indiatimes Mail !

The new Indiatimes Mail is based on latest AJAX, Web 2.0 technology which offers a user friendly interface and the most advanced features which will allow users to virtually ‘Live out of the Inbox’. The enhanced functionalities and young look will appeal to today’s netizens and new adopters. I am confident that the new Indiatimes Mail with its futuristic features will definitely change the paradigm of e-mail usage.

What is he talking about ? What does “Live out of the inbox” mean ? Young Look ! Yeah right !!

And they just don’t stop. The creative was conceived by Bates David Enterprise and this is what Alok Agarwal, executive VP of BDE had to say:

The new indiatimes mail is a revolutionary product that let’s you do a lot more than just sending and receiving emails. It practically enables you to live out of the inbox. The yellow envelope is an executional idea and a universal mnemonic for mail that appropriately symbolizes the next generation of email experience that the product promises.

“Executional Idea” hmm I’ll stop ! Also check out what Vinay has to say about this lame marketing !

Disclaimer: If you do happen to check Indiatimes Mail, you might be tempted to run like this ! Don’t blame me !


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  • Apurv Sep 10, 2007 Link

    Well, you hit the nail on the head. But in spite of warning, I did try and check out what the ‘revolutionary product’ is all about. Guess what? You can’t see the kind of ‘enhanced functionalities’ provided by them without actually creating an ID and signing up. That’s probably their way of saying, “We won’t even tell you the features unless you login”. I mean, to compel the users to sign up, one needs to provide the ‘whats inside’ view. Though they have provided the features, there isn’t a link where you can even check out the snapshots!
    P.S: And yeah, I obviously didn’t create an account to check it. Adios indiatimes!

  • Venu Sep 11, 2007 Link

    apurv, it looks like its built by a totally amateur team.

    Good that you didn’t go ahead on the sign up page, otherwise I was about to imagine you running like that guy in your new college campus 😀

  • Nirmal Sep 15, 2007 Link

    I thought of writing a review of the product and I tried to create an account and login, but it really looks pathetic and also it didnt deliver any mails I sent. Looks similar to the Zapak one. 😀

  • Venu Sep 18, 2007 Link

    Nirmal, looks like the service is really “futuristic”. Even the mail you sent might reach some time in the future 🙂

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