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Contrary to what most people think, deletion of file on windows does not mean permanent loss of the data.

When the file is deleted, its not “shredded” Instead, the table of contents that points out the location of the file is erased. To put in more simpler words, the attribute of the space used by the deleted file is changed from “occupied” to “available”.

Eventually, the hard drive will write new data over the area where the old file is located.

File Recovery utilities take advantage of the fact that the deletion of file in windows is reversible.

ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery) is a Windows software to recover data from FAT and NTFS volumes after accidental format or other software corruption. Data recovery software like ZAR might not fall into the category of software that you use on a day to day basis.

There might be situations when your hard drive might crash (bad sectors etc) or might be accidentally formatted; Your entire digital information might be lost and this when data recovery software like ZAR come to your rescue.

Zero Assumption Recovery helps you with:


The tool has a very simple user interface to accomplish the above tasks. The “Tutorial” section has more details on using ZAR for recovering data. ZAR is also currently running a discount and the tool is available at 20$ (compared to the actual price of 50$).

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    Cool, a review+ payment…

    And it must be high paying – most data recovery software reviews are 😀