Upgraded to Windows Vista

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I have been tracking and trying out Vista since the Beta days and have written a lot of posts on the same.

From the past few months I have also been regularly checking the price of Vista on http://microsoft.indiatimes.com. I finally choose Vista Ultimate and shelled out 9K INR for the Ultimate upgrade edition 🙁


The upgrade wasn’t that straight forward; thanks to the confusing messages shown by the Vista Installer.

When I ran the Vista installation from within the existing installation of Windows XP, I couldn’t install on my primary partition since it was FAT32. I was asked to start the vista installation by booting from the DVD. I followed the instructions only to be again told that the Product key was a "upgrade" key and can hence could be run only on an existing installation of Windows.

I couldn’t even format the primary partition using the "convert" command. The command was queued and could only be run again during system startup. I finally managed to convert my primary partition to NTFS and was then able to install Vista on the same partition.

Vista did give a good score for my 2 year old laptop 🙂


General Guideline for System Rating:

A computer with a base score of 4.0 or 5.0 is able to run all new features of Windows Vista with full functionality, and it is able to support high-end, graphics-intensive experiences, such as multi player and 3 D gaming and recording and playback of HDTV content. Computers with a base score of 5.0 were the highest performing computers available when Windows Vista was released.

I still have to explore the new interesting features of Vista. The "Aero" is not that happening :). IE 7 looks and works much better than its predecessor.

How many of you are planning to upgrade to vista ? Meanwhile can anyone recommend me a good Anti-Virus software for vista. I am currently trying out Kaspersky Anti-Virus !

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  • Vasuki Oct 20, 2007 Link

    Features like Aero and Flip 3-D tabbing all look cool for a week perhaps, but apart from that are there any really good useful things in Vista? Not jazzy, real useful.

    In the last year or so, I might have installed just one or two new softwares on my desktop. But, I have created my accounts in at least 50 web sites. So, the future is clear – the world is becoming too web centric! And Microsoft really needs to hire great sales guy to convince me why I should sell off my gold rings to go and buy Vista! 😉

  • Harish Oct 20, 2007 Link

    Is it even worth the effort and money to use Vista??

  • V V S Kumar Oct 20, 2007 Link

    Hi Venu,

    I’m using a free anti-virus software from alwil Software called avast 4 Home edition. They have a feature of constantly upgrading the virus database for free and they run at the background to protect our pc from any attacks. I found it quite useful with the amount of usage that we do in our room. You may try this out if you like it to be better.

    You can get that from this link

    So far my pc is safe without any viruses. Hope you will also be satisfied by its performance.

  • venukb Oct 22, 2007 Link

    Yeah even after using Beta Editions, I hadn’t found anything great to upgrade to Vista.
    But now since I have upgraded to vista, I am in search of the goodies. Few of them would be the integrated search feature. I am so disorganized and this feature helps me to find stuff faster (I am sure i could have done the same with Google desktop search or live search, believe me, the integrated search is much more powerful and useful).
    The ultimate had other goodies like dvd maker (i recently burnt 5 dvd’s into a nice dvd movie). I might have had to shell couple of $ buying a similar software from Nero.
    9K is little expensive and might not be worth the money, only time will tell 🙂

    I am trying out kaspersky now, once the trial expires will definitely u try out avast. Thanks for the reco.

  • Nirmal Oct 23, 2007 Link

    I dont think 9k is that expensive, I feel its a decent amount, although I have not done much research on Indian prices.

  • Apurv Oct 24, 2007 Link

    Venu, I infact paid more to stay with XP when I bought my Vostro!

  • venukb Oct 24, 2007 Link

    Nirmal, You are right, the prices are inline with the overseas prices.
    But I guess the point raised was whether it was worth paying that amount for Vista 🙂

    You might have made the right decision. One thing I have noted is for the vista to run smoothly, your laptop needs to have external graphics card (NVidia or ATI) and if you have to have this you have to shell out extra 300-400$ while buying the laptop 🙂