New Printer – HP C6188

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Just got myself a new printer : HP Photosmart C6188


By the way its not just a printer, its also a copier,scanner and a fax machine !  The scanner and copier is definitely of some use; not sure how extensively I would use the fax feature, but I did manage to get it up and running ! (with my existing DSL setup)

I did spend considerable amount of time researching the printers available in India before finalizing on HP C6188 !

And currently I am spending more time to get “all” the features of “all in one” printer working on Vista 🙁 (There are issues when I switch the printer from Wireless to Ethernet and vice versa)

More on it in the coming posts !

Meanwhile how many of you own a printer ? How useful is it ? Which model do you own ? Which model/manufacturer would you recommend ?(I might as well have put this question before I bought one !)

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  • Shivaranjan Nov 19, 2007 Link

    The printer looks good. The best feature about this is the wifi option. Have you installed the bluetooth adapter for this printer?

  • Shankar gANESH Nov 20, 2007 Link

    I use a HP Deskjet 3920 at home. Came as a free gift with my PC. 😀
    Enough for my needs.

  • venukb Nov 20, 2007 Link

    shiv, yeah i did try out the bluetooth dongle, but it didn’t work, guess have to try out other models or buy the one recommended by HP (its expensive)

    Shankar, yeah HP does have a lot of models to meet different needs.. i wanted a photo printer and a scanner (to scan the oldie photos and imp docs) and for some reason thought having a fax would also be nice.. 🙂

  • news bandit Dec 2, 2007 Link

    I love the HP Photosmart series. I own one and it does an amazing job.

  • venukb Dec 3, 2007 Link

    yup.. HP printers are good, do you by any chance have the duplex accessory ?

  • anil Jan 20, 2008 Link

    HP are thieves. The print cartridges are about 2ml and run out after 6 pages. None of the functionalities will work if even one cartridge is out!!

    We should sue them to provide a fix for this. Its only fair that the printer should print with just the black cartridge too. HP support says it cannot be done

    Why should we be forced to buy their cartridges for any functionality to work? I would like to throw this printer into their office lobby.

    I believe they fix this in the US but take us indians for a ride. THIEVES!

  • Anand Mannan Feb 15, 2008 Link

    i iked this printer i m using it since long time all print etc r cool and i m loving it
    i use it 4 my offive for event purposr so colour and black print is printed everyday
    its sexy man

  • venukb Feb 17, 2008 Link

    anil, not sure if your point is entirely valid. even if one color cartridge goes out, you can always print using the black cartridge (You need to set the printing preferences properly)

    But I do agree on the color cartridge display, it was showing 75% and after few prints, it had dried out !!

  • venukb Feb 17, 2008 Link

    Yes other than the color cartridge levels, I also don’t have any other complaint on this printer…

    I am even putting the scanner to full use.. However the driver isn’t working that well with windows vista..hope they sort it out soon..

  • Sudhir Sep 21, 2008 Link

    Indeed my c6188 printer guzzles colour ink (even when colour printing is not being used).
    After using the c6188 for NON-colour printing for over two months, I was surprised to suddenly see the printer warning that one of the colour ink catridges was low.
    The efficiency of the black catridge seems to be OK (may be because I am using the “Fast Draft” option). I use “Fast Draft” option for every day printing (OK quality) and “Fast Normal” option for formal letters, etc.

    Using the “Fast Draft” option rattles the whole printer (and the table that I have kept it on, also :0). I am saving a lot of ink but am I damaging the printer in the process? Please share you view.

    Also, how come my colour ink got depleted although I not made any colour print-outs in the last two months?


  • A.K.Tandle Sep 28, 2010 Link

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