Airtel introduces 8mpbs


Airtel has now introduced 8mpbs plans in India. Airtel happens to be the first operator offering this speed for resedential segment.

Even though the news of this plan has been doing rounds from the past few weeks, nothing was put up on the official web site till now.

Here is the list of plans available on 8mpbs

I might try out the 1299 plan for a month and see how it goes. Meanwhile I am hoping to see some good plans to be introduced under 2mpbs speeds !

How many of you are already on 8mpbs plan ?

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  • TheAnand Nov 24, 2007 Link

    I think these plans will be available at tier I cities first….lucky you 😛 since I know the bandwidth capacity at my place 😀

    As a scoop, This plan will be soon followed up with a direct to home, telephone and broadband offering soon in one single line. Shhh….company secret. long time since I left ABTS…so guess I am safe from lawsuits 😛

  • web tools Nov 25, 2007 Link

    BSNL rules, for me at least, when it comes to Broadband services in India.

  • Venu Nov 29, 2007 Link

    Anand, thanks for providing the inside info. I just upgraded to 8Mbps and enjoying the 1MB/sec download speed 🙂

    Webtools, BSNL did surprise by bringing in the 2Mbps connection first, this time Airtel has beat BSNL by introducing 8Mbps !

  • shrex Dec 7, 2007 Link

    wht a sick plan
    guyz switch over to bsnl broad band
    much affordable with high speed internet work on 100mbps unlimited downloads

    this plans are crazy hahaha
    i download atleast 1.5-2gb per day imagine if i opt for this airtel