Airtel 8Mbps in Action


In my last post, I had mentioned about the new 8Mbps plan being introduced by Airtel. I opted for the 1299 (4GB download limit) plan and the same got activated yesterday.

Activation would have been happened much earlier if I wasn’t on the commercial segment ! To activate the 1299 plan, I had to rollback to the home segment !

I just did a couple of test downloads and saw the blazing download speed of more than 1MB/second ! Exactly “8” years ago, I had bought a 56kbps D-Link Modem and was downloading at 200bits/sec and gradually saw it increasing to 1-2kbps. We have come a long way since then 🙂

I was researching on the broadband speeds in different countries and as of now Japan seems to have the fastest connection @ 60Mbps !. And according to this report from, USA is way far behind !

Meanwhile did you know that Sweden’s Sigbritt Lothberg has the world’s fastest Internet connection @ 40Gbps and she uses it for casual browsing !! Duh !!

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  • TheAnand Nov 29, 2007 Link

    first to comment as usual ! 😀

    now 40 gbps is fast! but casual browsing!

  • 40 GBPS….hmm…unbelievable…

  • Vasuki Nov 30, 2007 Link

    Wow, 1 MBPS, sounds real sweet!
    I think I am going to opt for this too. I think this will be perfect ally for the 500 GB hard disk that I just bought 😀

  • Abhijeet Mukherjee Dec 3, 2007 Link

    Great Venu….finally India has some decent internet now…I live in Delhi(as you know) and am using tata’s internet….their service is pathetic…airtel hasn’t reached east delhi yet….but once it does i am sure to go for it!!!!

  • Murali Dec 3, 2007 Link

    “blazing download speed of more than 1MB/second !”

    Great, but at this rate you may be exhausting your 4GB download limit. Check out if they have any unlimited plan at this bandwidth.

  • Raj Dec 3, 2007 Link

    Great! But the problem with these plans is the low download limit. Wouldn’t one be tempted to download more on such connections. My last month’s usage on my 256 kbps unlimited plan was 30 GB. So this plan would never do for me.

    Btw, check out my latest post to know why Tata Indicom is a much better ISP 😉

  • venukb Dec 3, 2007 Link

    Yup, you seem to be winning the competition most of the time :).

    Unfortunately there is a limit of only 4GB and with this limit, it will definitely take some time to fill up your new hard drive. Hopefully we can see some unlimited plans on 2Mbps at least 🙂

    Yup very good speeds, however most of the sites are hosted in US and 8mbps doesn’t help much for these portals ..

    No unlimited plans as of now, even if they do come out, its going to be very expensive 🙂

    30GB ?? Is it only this month or ever month ? I wonder how you manage storing all this data 🙂

    I hope you haven’t built a data center @ your place 🙂

    Looks like even your ISP is pretty “excited” about the usage of their service 🙂

  • Murali Dec 5, 2007 Link

    Raj: I agree with you. Unlimited plan seems to be the best one. Currently I have a 64kbps unlimited plan fom Tata Indicom.
    Checked your post and fortunately I did not suffer like that. I used to renew using credit card online without any problem. But the representative who calls me to remind to get renewal pack, usually says credit card renewal is not working.

  • Gadgets Jan 15, 2008 Link

    I hope it’ll be good. As I’m using BSNL broadband, it’s not good. Speed is around 118, however they’re claiming for 256.

  • rambhai Jan 24, 2008 Link

    do you know that the cable that links USA and uk has a connection speed of 15 terabytes per second~~~thats fast ~~~and Sigbritt Lothberg wanna share the speed~~

  • Dog Oct 24, 2008 Link

    Comcast in the United States will have 50 Mbps of downstream and 10 Mbps of upstream soon. The bad thing is that it costs $139.95 per month. WTF!