Launchy 2.0

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One of my favorite tools, Launchy just got upgraded to 2.0. As the website says, Launchy is an utility desinged to help us forget about the start menu in Windows. I have recommeneded this tool to many of my friends and  not one of them have complained about it. Its like a “must have” tool for Windows.

The new version has been completely written in QT and hence the old plug-ins and skins will no longer work. The old configuration will also be wiped with the upgrade to 2.0


The options are now merged into a single preference dialog.


Anyone who wants to realize the true power of Launchy, should also read the “Readme.pdf” file once.

I have written more about Launchy is some of my earlier posts:

And if you still didn’t like launchy (which according to me is impossible), try out the other alternatives

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  • Shankar Ganesh Dec 21, 2007 Link

    Loving the new version. Installed it a few days ago, and the new default skin is damn cool.

    They’ve added lots of eyecandy this time.

  • yes it is a nice tool…

  • rambhai Jan 24, 2008 Link

    the interface looks cool man~~~great utility~~thanx mate