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I have been a BIG fan of Lost TV Series. I saw the first 2 seasons on DVD and managed to see almost all the episodes of Season 3 on Star Movies. I am not sure what hooks me to this program; its probably got to do with the direction and a little with the unique style in which each characters story is told.

Wikipedia does in better job in describing the unique episode format of Lost

Episodes have a distinct structure: following a recap of events relevant to the upcoming narrative, each show begins with a cold open. Often a close up of a character’s eye will follow. At a dramatic juncture, the screen cuts to black and the title graphic, slightly out-of-focus, glides towards the viewer accompanied by an ominous, discordant sound. The opening credits generally appear alphabetically by last name over the scenes that immediately follow. While there is a continuous story arc, each episode relates events concurrently with off-island flashbacks and later, flashforwards, centered on a particular character. The majority of episodes end with a suspenseful twist or cliffhanger, revealed just seconds before a smash cut to black and the title graphic. Others, following a plot resolution, will finish with a reflective closing scene that precedes a simple fade to black, and in particularly tragic or heart-felt closing scenes, the booming noise that accompanies the title graphic will be silenced, amplifying the impact of the event.

Have a look at the Season 4 Trailer !

How many of you have watched Lost ? What do you like/dislike about this series ? What other alternative series would you recommend ? Few were suggesting me to watch 24 !

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  • Raj Dec 23, 2007 Link

    I have seen each and every episode of “Lost” and am waiting for the 4th season. The most obvious recommendation for any “Lost” fan would be “Heroes”. Its really good. Try it! Star World is repeating the 1st season before the second season begins in Jan.

  • venukb Dec 24, 2007 Link

    Yes Raj, even I am looking forward for the next season, only that I have to wait longer to see it in India 🙁

    Heroes.. will definitely check it out. Thanks 🙂
    By the couple of episodes of Kyle XY also looked interesting ! Not sure if its worth continuing …

  • Edward Jan 5, 2008 Link

    ‘Heroes’ my friend, you won’t dissapoint with it, trust me!

  • venukb Jan 9, 2008 Link

    Yes edward, as recommended by Raj, I am watching the first season of Heroes that is being telecast again.

    And yes I am not disappointed, its worth the time spent 🙂

  • Apurv Jan 16, 2008 Link

    Venu, u’ve gotta watch this for once atleast.. “Prison Break”. Its currently running its 3rd season, but I saw all its pending 52 episodes in a matter of 2 weeks.. Addiction’s the word to describe it..