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Pointui (pronounced point-you-i) is a software which brings in a total new user experience on Windows Mobile 5/6 powered devices. Techcrunch notes that this software is probably more for the users who are envious of iPhone; The UI navigation does look very much on the lines of iPhone, but again iPhone is not just about the easy navigation.

As we all know the basic user interface of Windows Mobile sucks big time and it hasn’t improved much in Windows Mobile 6. This post by Gizmodo discusses some of the flaws in the current version mobile OS and also confirms that Microsoft will probably work on these in the future version of Windows Mobile.

I have been using Pointui on my HTC Touch for the past 2 days and I should say I am not un-impressed by the free program. Yes, Pointui is free.

Pointui helps you to go around the OS using finger swipes and it takes some time for one to come in terms with this interface.

Home Screen

The home screen does have all the widgets that will help you quickly launch the most commonly used programs on the devices. It also has options to quickly access the phone settings, change volume levels and lock/unlock the phone.

You can also slide at the center of the home screen to access the time/calendar and your outlook task list.

However it lacks the following:

1. There is no way to “theme” the home screen. The blue background really looked awkward on my HTC Touch I couldn’t find any way of changing this.

2. Windows Mobile 6 has a new feature via which lists the active running programs and you can selectively kill each process or stop all the applications (In windows mobile 5, the same was accomplished more painfully by going into the settings menu). The Pointui home screen removes access to this feature.

3. The battery icon doesn’t tell you if its being charged.

Some screenshots which might inspire you to try out Pointui 🙂

Settings Screen and Applications Screen

Unlocking using Pointui

More Help

When Pointui is launched for the first time, it also launches the automated help. The video of the same is embedded below.

You can always access this help via “Settings -> Help”.

Download Pointui for Windows Mobile

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  • rambhai Jan 24, 2008 Link

    the iphone is indeed a magnificient device~~~how does apple comes out with gr8 stuffs~~~

  • mount memonty Jul 30, 2008 Link

    My best friend says Alien Technology is behind Apple products…maybe ..maybe not but who cares it RAWKS!

  • nancy Nov 23, 2009 Link

    Please help.. I love this app but its giving me tough time since I am using Htc s710 (no touchscreen). Everything works well except the lock… once locked, unlocking becomes a trouble.. Please tell me what is the way out !!!