Newsgator providing its RSS reader for FREE !

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I have been a great fan of Newsgator products, particularly the desktop based feed reader FeedDemon ! I have been recommending the same to many of my friends.

After trying out lot of RSS readers including RSS Bandit and Google Reader, I finally found that none of them could match FeedDemon’s simple yet powerful user interface and I totally loved the synchronization feature built into the application.

Along with Flickr, FeedDemon became one of the apps that I paid for !

Now Newsgator has turned most of its RSS products including FeedDemon into FREE applications.


So go ahead and grab your free copy of Feeddemon ! There are host of other products including Newsgator Mobile being offered for free. Nick Bradbury, the creator of FeedDemon and many other products has more details on this free offering.

Do read my earlier post on FeedDemon and if I am not able to convince you to use FeedDemon, probably Amit would !

Thanks Nick 🙂

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  • wow i too luv newsgator…

    by the way, why have u placed Submit above the comment entry box?

  • venukb Jan 10, 2008 Link

    Yes rajesh, after being made free, I am sure that there will be more people who will fall in love with this reader 🙂

    Regarding the submit, its got to do more with the new theme. It sits on the right of the form, however the notification manger text is pushing it below the submit button. Will fix it soon 🙂

  • News Bandit Jan 16, 2008 Link

    Thanks for the information. I like Newsgator and I’ll have to check this free reader out.